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Easy Brownie Biscotti

Hey Everyone!! Now this is my first time trying this. I've always wanted to try to bake biscotti So, come along on this journey with me and let's see how it turns out. Everytime I'd go to Star Buck's I'd see how cute they were package but didn't have the heart to spend $2.50 for 1. So, I decided to look up the recipe on line and see if I really wanted to take that challenge and make them. As you some of you might know I am in love with Noreen's Kitchen on the YT, she so amazing to me. While grocery shopping I picked up a box of brownies for the family after Sunday dinner but when I looked at one of Noreen's recipes that required Brownie mix, that was all she wrote. Sorry Fam, No Brownies Sunday. It's Biscotti!! They were great with a glass of milk and my morning coffee. Ingredients Needed Boxed Brownie Mix 2 Cups of Flour  (The recipe asked for 1 Cup of Flour but it was too sticky, almost mushy) Vanilla Extract (I used Coff