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Burda Style 6442: The Front Knot Dress

Hey Everyone!! I'm back again, yes in the same week. This was my first time working with Burda and I can proudly say, I'm very happy with the results. It took about 2 hours from start to finish and will be making the longer version next. I have about 3 yards of blue and red ITY screaming to be used. I used a green and white ITY stretch jersey knit..

Inspired Modified Dress

Hey Everyone!! I'm back with another "Inspired" piece. I'm obsessed with Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) on the series House of Cards.. It's been years that this picture was pinned on my Pinterest Board. I was up one night, looking through my boards, came across this picture and that was it. Wait, at first the dress was going to be completely different colors. If you follow me on Instagram, you've seen something totally different. The black was going to stay as is but colorful scuba had a mind of it own.. As you scroll down, you'll understand, see the hiccups I faced and managed to save my dress. Everyone, I'd love for you to meet my Obsession... Yes, that's her name.. Coveting is really what I was doing this dress, lol. I know it's a deathly sin, seriously I was driving myself crazy trying to find it's maker. This was the very first picture I had of dress was this. I was tired of rewinding and rewinding to study the dress.

DIY: Detailed DIY Oversized Romper: Franken-Pattern McCalls 6035 and Butterick 5652

Hey Everyone!! Now that summer is almost here in Dallas. I wanted to make another version of the Romper I made in March 2016.