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Cake In A Cup.... Easy, Fun, and Delicious...

Hey Everyone! Here's a great idea when you're craving for Chocolate Cake or a Brownie. I remember watching the Pioneer Woman a couple of months ago and writing this recipe down. My baby girl asked if I had any Chocolate, because we like something sweet after dinner. I looked in the snack box and cabinets,  NO CHOCOLATE! Then, I remember that I had Cocoa Powder and it was on.. It's soo easy that I let Nile (my 8 year old) do it, I just supervised and gave her the measuring spoons. They came out soo moist and delicious.  You can add all types of goodies and topping on it.  Again, they are great for kids. Ingredients 3 TBS Flour 3 TBS Sugar 2 TBS Cocoa Powder ( I used Hershey's Cocoa Unsweetened) 1/4 tsp of Baking Powder Dash of Salt Put all of those ingredients in a cup and stir with a fork until combined. Next Add 3 TBS Milk 3 TBS Vegetable Oil 1/4 tsp of Vanilla Stir with spoon until all is combined. Put

2 Week Meal Planning and Savings Process..#1

Hey Everyone! Now days eggs are almost $3 a dozen and milk is also $3 a gallon. I have a family of 4 and we live off of 1 income, so meal planning and saving money is a must for us. Below is how I meal plan and my process and tips you a your family can use. First, Prior to me going to the store, I look in my cabinets and freezer to see what I have and can use. I also DVR cooking shows, Pinterest, look at magazines with recipes I'd look to try and for inspiration.  Meal Plan for these 2 weeks. (My Actual Meal Plan This Week) Tuesday and Wednesday Beef and Veggie Soup with Saltine Crackers Thursday and Friday Banh Mi Chicken Sandwich w/ Baked Potatoes Saturday My Daughters Favorite Buffalo Wings w/ Cucumber and Ranch/Blue Cheese Dressing.. These will be gone by Sunday lunch time Sunday and Monday Stir Fry Ginger Beef with Sugar Snap Peas w/ Basmati Rice and a Asian Salad. Tuesday and Wednesday Roasted Chicken with Green Beans and Roasted po

Polka Dot Short Suit.. Butterick 5469 and Simplicity 1887

Hey Everyone! I'm back with another finished project. I know some of you remember this fabric. Last year, Wally World had tons of this in a whole lot of patterns and I made sure it get some yards, LOL! Since the groundhog said that spring is near, I've decided to start doing a little finishing up on last year spring summer clothes I set aside. When I bought the fabric, I knew I didn't want to make a skirt. I really wanted to make statement with the polka dot, something uncommon. So I decided Jacket and Shorts would be the my answer. I knew if I did pants it would have be too much for me being that I'm 5'4 and a long sleeve jacket would make me look even bigger than I am..   I recommend that everyone who is looking for a great pair of shorts to try these. They're soo comfy and cute, I think I'm made about 4 pair of shorts in this pattern. And We're Off!! Shorts All Cut Out Front and pocket sewn.. Insi

Ikat Cigarette Pant - Simplicity 1371

Hey Everyone! I'm coming at you with another pictorial. I had come across this fabric in Wally World but decided to get the technicolor chevron instead. Then one Thursday night I was watching Lip Sync Battle and was Tracee Ellis Ross and Anthony Anderson battling it out and I almost jumped through the roof when I saw the outfit she had on.. That girl has a body for days, but the pants made me think about the Ikat I saw at Wally World weeks before. You all already know what I did the next morning after I dropped the girls off at school.  Yes, Wally World here I come.. I know the fabric isn't exactly like her pants but it reminded me of them and that's all I needed to get by. LOL!  My inspiration was Tracee Ellis Ross on the Lip Sync Battle last week.  I knew I had the pattern because I  made these pants before. If only I could find that sheer fabric top. When I made these before I heard that they fit funny, so what I did was cut up a