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Outer Wear Series #4 - Very Formal Affair...

I know I'm a day last and a dollar short.. I was suppose to have this done by last Friday. I didn't want to rush it.. I wanted it to be done the right way and if that means me being a little late. Then so be it.. Without in further adieu... Here she is.................. Ms. America!!! I love her so much, the collar is so modern but the bottom is soo Vintage..I've always wanted a coat I can twirl in.. She was inspired by Dita Von Tease. I'm in a couple of Sewing Facebook Groups I was inspired by a beautiful vintage outfit from my fellow Sew Sista, Kimberly Clark.. She made a beautiful vintage inspired jacket that I went crazy for and had my mind just a turning..  I actually out 2 patterns together to get the look.  I improvised.. I have a secret to can you tell.. I want you too really look at it and tell me what it is. View of Brooch I didn't want buttons so I used this instead.. It's a beautiful Balloon Brooch, I've had it for years

Outer Wear Series #3!!!

Continuing the Series on Outer Wear. Yes, I know I'm a couple of days late. I was waiting on the right buttons..  You all know how I feel about Kini Zamora on Project Runway. He's the person that inspired me to try to modify this dress pattern into a "Jacket". I know it's not exactly like it but he was my inspiration to it make this.. First, let me start by saying that I "HATED" stretch denim, but I was told by some sew sisters that a 14'inch needle would do the trick. By then it was too late.. So let's call this Jacket "Practice" and I'll tell you why..  LOL I purchased the fabric from Wally World for $1.50 per yard and this was the first dress I ever turned into a jacket. I didn't follow all of the steps in the  pattern. I modify it to my liking, praying that it'd work out.. I adding 4 buttons, the pattern asked for 10. I also added longer sleeves, faux cuffs, by using the collar patterns and pockets. To say it wa

Outer Wear Series #2

Hey Everyone... Continuing our Series on Outer Wear every Wednesday..  I always loved McCall's 6611 pattern and wanted to do some with Ankara fabric, so I put the 2 together. I order this fabric about 2 months ago. The Blue-black suiting fabric was from about $2.95 a yard and the Ankara fabric was from my favorite Etsy store, TAMBO Collections about $6.95 a yard . She was has such great prices and beautiful ankara designs..        So without any further ado.. Here she is, I haven't named her yet as I do most of my garments.  So for now she will remain nameless.. LOL I had this pattern for a while, but was really scare to use it. I finally got the nerve and I can honestly say, it was easy to make..     McCall's 6611 I didn't line the jacket, only lines parts that will show like the neckline, back bottom and front flaps. The directions wasn't confusing at all, I just did my own thing when it came to the lining..