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Redesigning The Silhouette Dress..

Hey Everyone!  I'm back with another Silhouette Dress. The last silhouette dress I made came out great but was entirely to big for me. Soo, back to the drawing board..  I made minor adjustments, changed the neckline to a U-neck and took the dress in about a inch on both sides..  Click on link below to view the tutorial to the dress below.. To see the DIY dress above.... I used the same pattern for front and back, the change was taking an inch from both side of the dress. I also had a little time on my hands, so I decided to retrace the entire thing.. I was soo obsessed, I literally took it to work with me..  Tips for my newbies: Make sure you label all of your patterns you design.. After cutting dress front out, I felt I needed something different so I made a U-neckline. Excuse my baby's writing, I try to let her express herself almost everywhere, lol.. As before, I cut the front and back silh

Decorating My Girls Bedroom Series: Part One

Hey Everyone! I'm back with something different, Again!! Home Decorating My tween daughter Nile wants her baby sister to start sharing a room together. I thought that was soo sweet, big sister stepping up.. So you know we have to decorate, right? First is the consultation.. Colors: Yellow, Black, White, whisper of Silver/Gray. Theme: No Theme Second up, Walls... Paint.. I found the inspiration from a Wonderful Youtuber called Yolanda Renee I wanted something similar but not exactly like her version, I tweaked it a little. I had to talk my daughter into it because she was hesitant until she looked YR on the tube and it was a GO. We loved the results, apparently most of you all did to. I had almost 900 likes on FB.. Soo, Thank YOU ALL very much... I used Rust-oleum Chalk Board to paint the stripes on the walls. It really gave the wall texture with the flat paint.. I painstaking little painted one by one stripe

Inspired Dress... Come to Life...

H ey Everyone!!! Back with another dress, no not a gown.. This time it's a inspired dress. I post the inspiration dress on a Haul and Inspiration looks in one of my October blogs.  I'm was and still am obsessed with the black beautiful number our First Lady Michelle Obama wore at the Esty Awards by Cushnie et Ochs and all I can say is, BRAVO!! I've always wanted to try to recreate it but didn't have the nerve. Well now, I'm going for it.  As I said before, this year is for experimenting and trying new things and stepping out of my comfort  zone.  I'm calling her, Jumeau.. That's twin in French, lol.. Getting a little Fancy on y 'all, Oui Oui..  THE DRESS The fabric is a blue-gray ponte' I received from a coworker who gave me a bag of fabric last year. This is just a test run until I really give it my all with an expensive fabric. I looked into my stash and pulled out on of the most basic