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DIY Toddlers Slippers

Hey Everyone!!  Happy Holiday's, can you believe next week is Thanksgiving! OMG.. This year is really moving fast.. Now, that Thuraya's almost 2,she is constantly taking everything off, from shoes to clothe to diapers.. Sounds like it's time for someone to start potty training..  Now that the weather is finally changing she going to need some slippers. Leave it to me to try and make them and I can honestly say, I succeeded. I wanted my make something less slipper like and more feet like. Lawd, I hope that sounds right..  She doesn't like the bulky slippers, it made her feet sweat and she can walk around the house on this cool floor with bare feet. These we're a perfect combo for her and she really seem to like them.. In my Madea's voice, "Hallelujer, Praise the Lort". I traced her slippers to make the pattern, Make sure when you cut the bottom, you cut a left side and right side.  I just cut 1 and labeled it l

Simplicity 8177 in Denim

Hey Everyone!!! I'm back with something a little new. COAT VEST!!! One of my favorite in my closet sew far..  So, easy to sew and comfortable. Note:  I didn't take the coat all of the way down. I actually cut it right below my knee and cut a size 14.. Below is an inspired coat from Chico's. I wanted something like this without the belt.  Dallas weather is soo fickle.. Chico's  Pattern and interfacing is all cut out and ready to be put together. Front and back are all sewn together. Interfacing ready to be sewn on. Interfacing sewn in nice need and neat.. Pockets installed Faux front pockets with interfacing. Pockets came out little wonkey but there faux so I try to fix them later. Still came out great..  I was hesitant on if I should sew the gold thread on the front to give a flare. So happy that did it..  Gave it the right touch it needed..  Se

DIY: Making A Sexier Beast!!!!

Hey Everyone!!! I'm back with another DIY.. This DIY is really a redesign..  As some of you may know, Animal Print is back as a Fall/Winter Fashion Trend this Season. Personally, I feel that it never went away and can be use as a neutral and pairs wonderfully with anything in your closet. I'd been looking at this blouse I made almost 3 years ago and wanted to do something a little different with it, it felt a little restricting to say it was leopard..  I wanted to liven it up and let her roar a little... Twist front top had always been on my radar but was to afraid to it.. Until Now....  I took her out, cut her up, put her back together and soo happy it came out the way I envisioned, actually better.  I used the YouTube video below to redesign my leopard shirt. Below, is the shirt I redesigned.  Click on the link below to see the DIY on how I made this Batwing Shirt.. Haul and Inspiration Looks For Fall..

Hey Everyone!!! I'm here today with a fabric haul for Fall. I was on  website and couldn't resist these beautiful fabrics.  As you can see, I'm in a black and white frame of mind. Under each fabric choice I've put some inspiration pictures that I may on may not make. Polyester Crepe Mosaic Black/White $4.18 per yard Butterick 6015, View B would be perfect for this fabric.  It's not to thin or thick, it's perfect for Fall and Winter.  I may just lengthen the sleeves to 3/4 due to the weather, Texas weather is so unpredictable.  Last week, it was 61 degrees in the morning and 85 degrees in the afternoon.  Double Brushed Poly Jersey Knit Medium Stripe Black/Ivory I thought this fabric would be more thicker but it's nice enough to make a wrap dress like Mrs. Obama has on in the bottom picture. It's reminds me of a DVF dress.  I'm also inspired by this twist front dress.  I told mys