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One Slice at a Time Pizza

Good Morning Everybody! I was just going thru some of my old pictures and see that I haven't posted alot of my food picture. Like I said before, ADD is a bitch!  LOL So on alot of TBT, I'll post things that I've made in the past.  If you interested in knowing how I got the recipe, it should be below.. OK!  Lets get started, this first one is soo fun to make with my girls for the summer time or lunch on the weekend. I was looking one of my FAVORITE YouTube Gurus "DIVAS CAN COOK" and she made these for her family. I thought it was genius especially when you're not in the mood to make lunch or even dinner. All you have to do is pop these bad boys in the oven or toaster oven one slice at a time..  This is the ending results and they hold up nicely.. link below is her fabulous channel. Her recipe for the pizza crust is on her video as well or make your own crust.. After making the crust and

Strawberry, Blue cheese and Pecan Salad

Good Afternoon Everyone!! For lunch today is and inspired salad from a restaurant called Sambuca here in Dallas. I always crave this salad this time of year, it never fails.  It's soo fresh and tasty not to mention sweet and creamy. Lawd, it's just damn good.. Start with the Greens, I used the Organic Half & Half Mix. I cut up some Strawberries, Blue Cheese, and Praline Pecans. I added Blueberries for even more flavor. Add all the fruit with the greens. Then the Blue Cheese and Praline Pecans.. If you don't know about this dressing!  Well, I'm telling you!  This is the only dressing I eat with this salad.  It's soo creamy and delicious, my big bro put me on Briannas' years ago. As you can see I LOVE "Salad" with my dressing, lol!  Please try it and I guarantee you'll love it!!  Until Next Time... Make it Chic!!! 

Homemade Burger Buns

I admit!  I have a habit, a baking habit that is... Check out my Burger Buns, Hun... Don't they look delicious, they came out perfectly..   I'm always trying to find ways to save money and make things that I usually buy at the store.   I don't know if it's the creative side of me or I'm just cheap. I know one thing, I'll never buy Burger Buns again. All you need is a couple of ingredients and 3 hours for the yeast rising process, of course.. But once you taste them, the store bought buns will be a distant memory.      Noreen's Kitchen is a channel that I'm subscribed to on YouTube, she cooks and bakes her ass off. She's taught me soo much in such a little time about baking... Her link to the burger buns recipe below: She makes it looks soo easy and guides you every step of the way..  She's taught me how to make scones, bread, pizza dough, pretzels, and butter jus