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From Beach to the City..#5

As you know in my earlier post that my family and I are going to the beach and back to my hometown in a few weeks.. I'm still adding pieces to the list and have been working on this cutie for about 3 days, just finished. I can tell you this, I've been sewing my ass off lately. I don't know if it's because of the trip or I'm just loving, sewing right now. I'm thinking it's  BOTH..
It took 2 pattern to complete my vision..

Dress in the making.. 

I used 2 patterns.. 
Simplicity 1428 View E McCall's 6744 Top of View A

I really think it came out  Great! I know I'm going to have a good time in this dress.  I'll make sure I take lots of pictures for my blog..  
Side view of the skirt...
I can imagine a nice summer walk on the beach with this on or even sexy strappy heels for a night out on the town .. 
Until Next Time.. Sew It Chic!!!

What To Do With Leftover Ankara Fabrics???!!! Simplicity 1887

I have an obsession with Ankara Fabrics...  I have to stop myself from buying it because my closet would be filled with nothing but Ankara.. LOL I was in the process of finishing up a project when something told me to put it down. So, I put the project down.. Then the voice told me to look at my Ankara Fabric, so I looked at my fabric. I had a yard of one color and some leftover scrapes of another color.. Mind started races, what can I do with this? I knew I needed more shorts, so I took my Simplicity 1887 out praying that it would work and IT DID!!! 

Side View

Start to finish it took about 4 hours and I love them..

Sunday's Dinner!!! Roasted Lemon, Garlic and Rosemary Chicken

Roasted Lemon,Garlic and Rosemary Chicken
Dinner was great tonight!!  Usually when I make baked chicken the family likes it and we manage to have leftovers for the next day. This is my second time making the Roasted Chicken and I'll tell you this, the family eats every bit of it.. They enjoy it so much that it's gone in a night.. 
The recipe is from Divas Can Cook  (recipe below) I also  love her YouTube Channel.  The only thing I do different in recipe is baste the chicken twice instead of once and leave it in for another 15 minutes. It adds that extra crunch.. It was fantastic, I paired with my twice cooked potatoes and nice salad..  It was soo tasty..  Please looked up the recipe and enjoy..
Until Next Time... Sew It Chic!!

DIY "Starbucks Secret Menu" Cotton Candy Frappuccino

Make Your Own  "Starbuck's Secret Menu" Cotton Candy Frappuccino

My 6 year old daughter Nile was in my Sewing Room\ Office looking at YouTube and I happen to turn around and see a little girl sipping on what I thought was a Starbuck's pink latte'.  I asked Nile, "Isn't she a little young for coffee?" She said, "It's not coffee, it's a Cotton Candy Frappuccino." Well, I go to Starbucks all the time and to my knowledge, it's not listed on the menu.. She then tells me it's on their "Secret Menu".. 
WHAT THE HELL? Secret Menu!
She then asks, "Mommy tomorrow when Baba (dad in Arab) goes Starbuck's can he get me one.." Me, "OK! We'll see.."  (That's code for me buying a little time to do some research)  So I got on YouTube and started doing a little snooping then I came across alot of the DIY Cotton Candy Frappuccino videos..  Then I went to Wally-World a purchased all of the ingredients.. 

DIY Labels!!! Why Not Make Them Yourself??

I know that I could have easily gone online and find a website to make these for me, but I love, love doing things myself. I made labels about a year ago and remembered how to do it..   I think they came out really Chic!  If I say so myself..  ..

Items you will need are: Iron-on transfers (Wal-Mart or Office Depot) Ribbon (light colored) Iron
First steps are all done on your computer: Go to Microsoft Publisher onto Labels Make your design  Important:
 Make sure your image is Mirrored of Flipped (meaning backwards) on computer
Like This...
Cut out Label and Ribbon, make sure you put about an inch more on each side of ribbon..

Put Label on top-middle of ribbon and place iron over both pieces for about 15 seconds.

 Let it cool and it peels off.... easy-peasy!!

And here is you very own "One of a Kind" Label!!!!!

Tip:  Turn the end of each side of ribbon toward the back and iron them,  it's easier when you sew them on.…

My Hubby's Garden..

Time to Pick the Peaches!
From time to time I'll post pictures of
 "My Hubby's Garden".. Now it's peach picking time. He's been working really hard on this tree. It took 3 whole years to produce peaches and now they're finally ready to be picked..... OMG!!! They're soo sweet and juicy,  the girls and I love them... Thanks Babe, for all of your hard work.

Aren't they beautiful...
No Photoshop here... lol

Until Next Time.. GROW IT CHIC!!!


I Know!!! Make More Stuff....

The material's from a 70's inspired dress I made in May..  I had a half yard material left and knew that Nile needed more leggings..  She already had the shirt but it was long sleeves...  I cut the sleeves, made the butterfly applique and made the leggings to coordinate..
She Really Loves It..

70's Inspire Dress
Until Next Time...

Organizing Pattern Day!!!!

Time to Organize my Patterns...

I knew I had alot but I didn't know I had 168 patterns...  Good Lawd!!

First I emptied all of them on my dining room table, just to get a look at all of them.  Hey Nile!!! 
Then 1 by 1 I counted them 28 Shirts, 8 Pant, 8 Girl patterns..  Now in the box they go..

11 Skirt Patterns
21 Jacket and Coat Patterns

12 Coordinate Patterns...

 And last but certainly not least 29 Dress Patterns..

Tip of the Day:  I store my patterns with my material that aren't done..
Just make sure you the pattern in front so you can see it.. 

All Done!!!
I know that one day I'm going to have to invest in some better storage but I'm OK at the moment..

Until Next Time.... Sew It Chic!!!

From the Beach, maybe to the City #4!!! Maybe!!!

The Good, Bad and the Ugly of Sewing!!!!

The dress was cute on the pattern envelop but once I put it on, I didn't like it very much... It really felt like a potato sack on me... Plus, my "Girls" aren't too happy in it... lol.
I bought this fabric from Wally World for $3 a yard.. It's another linen-like...

Sewing it was easy... Here the Back View.. 
Side View.... 
And a Closer View of the Front..  As I stated before, my "Girls" can't breath .. My going to have to open it up more or just wear it around the house.. 

Until My Next Post..... Enjoy Life!!!!