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Latest Creation.. McCall's 6552 and A BIG THANKS!!

Hi everyone! I know it's been a minute since I've posted but I computer is acting up on me. I'm still on a wing and a prayer writing this post..  Time Warner should be here tomorrow to clear everything up. I've had this material for about a month now. 
1st: I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to the "Wonderful Human Being" that left the bags of Lovely material on my doorstep last week. It was about 9 am in the morning and the family and I were in bed. The door bell rang and I thought that my hubby was going to answer it. Well it rang again, I got up and looked out of the door window and saw the ANGEL. She was a slender lady with hospital scrubs on. I open the door and said hi, (mind you, I had on a night dress and scarf around my head) LOL!   But she ran off so quick, I couldn't talk to her. She said she loved my blog (THANK YOU) and then turned, walked away and got in her car. I made sure I waved at her as she left..  THANKS AGAIN!!!!  ANGEL... 

Latest Creation

DIY Cupcake Stand/ Candy Bowl!!

I love DIY's and this one's the easiest and I'm thinking the cheapest. I already had the items I needed in my home.. But you can purchase them from the Dollar Tree.. 

Items Needed: 3 Plates Small Medium Large 2 Candle Stick Glue Gun

Hot glue all of the plate and candle sticks together.
And there you have it!!!  Beautiful Cupcake Stand..

Also, I made a Candy Dish just for $2.00.

Nile wanted to show you how to get a candy..
Hint. Hint! I want a candy..

Close up of the Bowl and the candlestick holder, glued together..

Until Next Time DIY It Chic!!!!!

By The Beach!!!

Blue Elegance!!!

Reorganize My Accessory Closet

I Confess, I Cannot Tell a Lie....  I'm a Accessory Addict And No I Don't Need Help! LOL I 'm constantly buying things that I don't NEED but WANT..  As time goes by I am slowly growing out of my accessory closet, so now it's time to reorganize it..  Come with me and I'll share some tips and tell you the freebies I got to organize my closet.. 
Everyday I feel like I'm shopping when I enter my closet..  Let's take a tour.. Shall We! First, starting with the door. I purchased 3 purse organizers and they really come in handy.  That 3rd purse is a vintage LV, it belonged to my beautiful mother and she had it since the 80's an handed it down to me. I keep it close and everytime I open my closet door, I smile.  Above: I added 8 shelves in this very small closet, I went vertical because of it's size. 6 shelves was added to the back for most of my shoes and 2 for my boots on both side..  

I put some of my necklaces on a thread holder I found on side of …