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Project Runway Review Season 14 Episode 12, Roll Out the Red Carpet

Hey Everyone! Back with another Project Runway Review. I'm soo happy that this season is almost over. Boring! Seriously and to be quite honest I only tune in for Kelly.  I was over Ashley on episodes back when all she did is cry.  Roll Out the Red Carpe t Heidi and Tim told the designers that they would be taking an inspirational trip to The City of Lost Angels. They  check into there rooms at the Best Western Plus Hotel and see a letter telling them to meet at the pool were Tim and Tammy Lucas, Managing Director, Marketing & Advertising of Best Western. Tammy goes on to tell them if they when this challenge, they will when 100 free nights in any of the Best Western Hotels and Resorts in the World.                  Tim then whisk them away to another beautiful location in the Hollywood Hills.  Where they meet Keltie Knight, Correspondent, The Insider and expert on Red Carpet Looks. She going on to tell about the very first question they ask

She's A Beast... Easy Leopard Pictorial..

Hey Everyone!! I'm coming at you with an easy batwing "sweater" pictorial. I'm not the kind of person to make anything under 2 hours, I love taking my time on a garment.  I cannot tell a lie, I made this top under an hour and a half.  You can wear her as a dress or a sweater.  I'm in need of causal clothes, being a SAHM it's really easy to put on sweats and a T'shirt or even keep on my pajamas. I'm trying my best to get out of that rut and start making clothes for everyday.  I don't dress up too much like I did when I worked, so now it's time for me to make SAHM Style..  LOL!  The material I used was from, sorry guys it's not available anymore.  I love the fabric and have only one bad thing to say. They said it was medium weight but it's more lightweight and you are going to have to put something under it.  I still love it.. I just took a shirt I had in my closet and traced it, cut it ou

DIY NO-Sew Bowties and Hair Bows

Hey Everyone! I'm here with an easy DIY for the kiddos. My youngest daughter is obsessed with bows, so one day she asked me to make more hair bows to add to her collect. You know as a mother and crafter, I couldn't say no, not to that face.. LOL! Look at that face!!! Isn't she cute...... You'll need fabric, glue gun, elastic, 8 x 10 piece of paper. Measure 5 1/2 x 10 and divide in 4. Measure 1 1/2 x 3 1/2 and divide long ways in 2. Pin on fabric and cut out both pieces. Divide into 4 and put pin were the middle is on the fabric. Take glue gun and put on bottom and top edge of the fabric.  Fold each glue edge to middle, be careful not to let it touch each other.  Now turn length side and glue gun each end   Fold length side and put pin in middle or you could just put a dot with a pin. Fold and glue both length sides to middle of fabric. Now turn to the  front and fold in half.

PR Season 14 Episode 11 Review.. The Runway's in 3D.

Hey Everyone!!  I'd like to apologize to you all.. I'm soo over PR that I don't even want to do it anymore because or the mediocrities. This is from last week and I'll be posting this week on Saturday night. Very short and sweet..   Please Forgive Me.. The Runway's in 3D!! The designers had to meet Tim . The designs had to design and Avant-garde garment inspired by 4 bridges in New York and use a 3D printed to make appliques to put on the garment. Poor Ashley, I really was rooting for her until I saw how she placed those 3D appliques on it..  Ashley you have given up, so I'm  thinking your next to be sent home..  Candice with another Adam's Family inspired piece..  Edmond concept was nice but his execution was sub-par. From the top to the waist was beautiful, the rest was confusing..  And speaking of confusing...      Merline.... I really don't understand when Merline says she ins