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First Time Making Quinoa and Loved it!

Tonight's Dinner was Fabulous! My first time ever making Quinoa but it's not going to be my last. I made broiled Swai, Quinoa with Veggies and Grilled Lemons. It was fantastic!  
No Lie! I family went crazy for it. I even made more Friday night with Sloppy Joe's. I made a salsa, added avocados and then added the cooked Quinoa..  I found a easy and quick way to make it too.  The next time I make it, I will post it on the blog and you can see how easy it is to make yourself.. 

Until Next Time.. Sew It Chic!!!

New Orleans "Inspired" Po Boy

Hey Everybody! If anybody's from New Orleans and love Roast Beef Po Boy's.  This is the recipe for you, Seriously!  I created this recipe by walking through Walmart missing and craving Roast Beef Po Boy's. My family can tell you that I always get a Roast Beef on Bun dressed with cheese.  Yes, dressed!  (that means lettuce and tomatoes)

This recipe is so quick and easy, it took me 45 mins but that's because I had to wait for the Steak Fries to finish.. Once you try this, I really think you will make these all the time for yourself and family.

Ingredients: 2 Packs of Roast Beef 2 Packs of Pioneer Brand French Au Jus Mix Hard Buns Lettuce Tomatoes Real Mayo 

Follow the instructions on the packet of the Au Jus mix.
Open then Roast beef and carefully place the slices in the Au Jus Sauce one by one.

Let simmer for about 5 mins and you're done.

If you want to thicken the sauce, just add a tablespoon of cornstarch to cold water and pour into mixture. 

Toast your Hard Rolls


Easy and Delicious Strawberry Shortcake

I remember my Aunt Marie making these in her kitchen..  Brings back so many memories.. I don't skip dessert on Sunday. So in a matter of minutes, I whipped up this easy Strawberry Shortcake..  I think everybody and their Grandmother has made these..  I just gave it my own twisted..

Ingredients  Dessert Shells Strawberries Blueberries Whipped Topping Half Cup of Sugar Vanilla
Cut strawberries up, put in bowl, sprinkle sugar on them, and macerate to bring out the strawberries juices. Put in Fridge for about 30 minutes.. 
Like This!!

After 30 minutes, all sugar should be dissolved and it look really juicy
Put a little vanilla in Whipped Topping (delicious)
Plate you dish and Enjoy!! 
Until Next Time... Sew It Chic...

Sunday's Dinner Crab Cakes

I made these crab cakes before and had request for the recipe. I wanted something light for Sunday because last week we ate really hardy..  It looks so complicated but really easy to make (I promise). Once you make these, they will be a staple in your summer quick, easy and light dinner, brunch or lunch.. 

As you can tell I'm not a "brand whore". I feel that Walmart or off brands foods are just as good.. 

Ingredients  1 Row of Buttery Crackers  3 Long Onions A Can of Lump Crab Meat 1 Cup of Mayo 1 Egg 1 Packet of Old Bay Crab Cakes Mix 1 Tablespoon of Crushed Garlic Seasoning to your taste..  I like the Old Bay Blackened Seasoning Onion Powder S\P

Put Buttery Crackers in Ziplock bag when crushing to keep things a little cleaner. 
See alot cleaner.. 
Combine all ingredients. 
How Pretty!!
Make patties with Crab Cake mixer..

Put skillet on medium heat, add butter and olive oil.
Cook until golden brown. Turn and brown the other side..

Aioli Time!!!
Ingredients 1 Cup Mayo Ha…

Vacation Pictures of the Family!!!

Well vacation was fantastic and now it's time to get ready for school, plus prepare for major project for me. We had to cut the vacation short due to my hubby's work, but 4 days was enough just to relax and getaway. We decided on Corpus Christi, TX, Padre Island.
We decided to go with a Townhome instead of a hotel.
I highly recommend getting a rental on the Island.
It's easy to access the beautiful beach..

View Townhome
We were located right on the lake, Kayaks were also available. 
At night we'd sit out here and look at the fish jump out of the water..
So Cool!!

Mo looking at the Lake

So Pretty!
Girls in the pool..
The Townhome was Fantastic..
Just enough room for the 4 of us..
This is a picture of it on our way out.. 
Stairs to loft
Loft bedroom

Both bathrooms were nice..

 As soon as we hit the door, guess what happened?
Mo went to sleep..
As you look through the pics, this was an on going thing..

After the dead had risen, we went to "make grocery".