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DIY: Easy Christmas Paper Wreath For Free

Hey Everyone!
I'm coming today with a Beautiful, Fun, Easy and Free DIY Project.. You can actually make this in a about 4 hours.

Things you'll need
Old book Plate CD stapler card board tape ornaments (optional)

First step is to find an old book you don't need and tear about 100 pages out.  With each piece of paper make cones. Just like the picture below. Seriously, I made about 90-100 cones.. Just sit yourself in front of the TV with a glass of your favorite beverage and it should have these done in no time flat..

I had and old Postal Service box I wasn't using and made 2 circles using a CD and a plate. I made sure that I even them out by marking them out. No reason, that's just me..

Slowly, I stapled each cone to the cardboard. My staple actually reached and it was easy, some people just tape the cones to the board..

Filling them in each row at a time..

See almost done..

Another Picture..

After all of the cones are filled in. I had leftover ornaments that I…