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Bermuda Shorts Using Ankara Fabric... McCall's 6756

Hey Everyone! It's finally Spring and almost time to breakout the shorts. I actually started these last summer but put them away when the weather changed. I wanted to change it up a little and not use my favorite shorts pattern Simplicity 1887, so I used a longer length short, sort of a Bermuda type.

I choose McCall's 6756 View B

All cut out as usual.

This is where I picked up from last summer. Everything was pretty much done but waistband, zipper and hem.

I didn't add the zipper flap because I wanted my zipper to show.  Picture below is the waistband pinned to the Bermuda's.

I looked at a couple of colors but the blue zipper just looked the best to me.

I'm 5'4 so the Bermuda's hits me right at the knee and they're a little wider than expected, that was a pleasant surprise. 

I hoped you've enjoyed my quick pictorial on the McCall's 6756 "Bermuda's".
If you have any questions please ask.
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Happy Easter Everyone!!!

Hey Everyone! Just want to wish everyone a Happy Easter. I wanted to show you all these cute and very inexpensive Easter Baskets I made for the girls. I feel that Easter is but only one day and we still have to live the day after that.  My family appreciates everything I do for them, for the biggest to the smallest. It's really the thought that count.  We all know that Easter was the day that Jesus rose again, it's not about how much candy you get. 
I went to the Dollar Tree an had only $20, that's $10 each and that's including baskets and grass.   I spent $17.45, OK! I'm going to let them eat all they want because next week we already have a dentist appointments for cleaning. LOL! In the immortal words of the cutest M&M's Commercial. 

Until Next Time... EASTER IT CHIC!!!!!!

Bow Clutch DIY

Hey Everyone!
I'm back with another easy DIY for you all. I was sitting in my living room and wanted to do something but not too extreme. I know I had some leftover fabric from my previous projects and needed a clutch or a handbag, like I need a hole in my head.

I was looking in my accessory closet and noticed I didn't have a Bow Clutch.
Well, my mind started races and wheels were turning.
I walked back to my sewing room and there she was, FABRIC!!
She spoke to me and said, "PICK ME"', and that's just what I did.

Here she is!
Soo Sassy..

My little lady just had to model it for you all.
She loves it and wants one for herself.

If you'd like to see how I organized my accessory closet, click the link below.

The fabric was leftover from these pants .
Click link below the picture to see.

What you'll need...


2 Week Meal Planning and Saving Process..#2

Hey Everyone!!
I'm back with another 2 week meal plan.
This 2 weeks, I really didn't have to buy much because I'll be making alot of things and snacks from scratch. The girls are on spring break and I know if I don't monitor or make snacks, they'll be gone in 2 days. So along with this meal plan, I'll be giving you some tips to stretch your dollar even more..

Let's get started, shall we.
First, I make sure I look in my cabinets and fridge to see what I have and don't have, just like my meat blog. Then after that, I plan my 2 week menu for my family.
I'll insert pictures on those days. Again let me know if you want the recipe.

Some of my meals carried over for last 2 weeks menu.

Broiled Fish Steaks w/lemon and butter

BBQ Chicken Thighs/Veggie Baked Beans and Rice

My week actually started out on Thursday.

Homemade Pizza
(I went Meat Shopping and got in late)

Now let's get down to this weeks meals

This 2 W…