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Easy DIY Marshmallows..

Easy Homemade Marshmallows If you love Hot Cocoa with Marshmallows, you'll love this recipe. Once you make these, I promise you, you'll never buy store bought marshmallows again.. I never thought that making Marshmallows was soo fun and easy..  Look at it's deliciousness.... They're so soft and tasty.   My family can really tell the difference, they tell me that the ones I make are alot better..   How to Make Marshmallows - CHOW Tip Follow all of the steps an ingredients in the video.. Below is the pictures of how the Marshmallow Transforms..  At first, when you add the ingredients.Start the mixer, gradually adding speed, you'll think that something's not right but keep it going and press ahead on the highest setting..  See what I told you..  This is about 3 minutes in.. Keep mixing..  5 mins in.. Keep Mixing.. About 7 minutes in.. Keep Mixing.. OK, 9 to 10 minutes in..  When it looks

Easy Morning Waffles with a Twist..

Hi Everybody!  I've been trying find new ways to spruce up my girls breakfast, they love all types of things but you can get tired of eggs and turkey bacon all the times.  So I went on my FAVORITE website Pinterest and came across this easy way to make flavored Waffles for my girls on a Cold Fall Morning.. It's so easy and taste soo good.. All you need is Flavored Muffin Mix, yes.. Muffin Mix, they're about $1 each and a Waffle Maker.. It makes about 4-5 Waffles..  I'm quite sure you can also make pancakes too..  I'll try it one day..  Mix all with 1/2 cup milk and full waffle maker and Viola!!  Easy as pie!!! Until Next Time... SEW IT CHIC.. 

No Sew November!

Hi Everyone!  I'm officially naming this NO SEW NOVEMBER!  I want to focus on my home during this month.. I will be posting all of my DIY projects weekly. I will be painting, crafting,  decorating , knitting and other things.. Please stay tuned.. Until Next Time... Make It Chic!!!

Bread Bowls Recipe..

Hi Everybody!! Last Week, I made these beautiful Bread Bowls for dinner and everyone went crazy. I attempted to make these once before and it was a major FAIL. I never give up when I really want something..I was determined to get a better recipe to make these babies.. The "Gods" smiled upon me and sent me this recipe. LOL Seriously, look how delicious they look..    The recipe was used from a YouTuber, her channel is called Just press the video and enjoy or just look at my step. Shit, just do both.. lol Tessa made the recipe very easy to follow and you don't need alot of ingredients. Ingredients: Stand Mixer (optional) Olive Oil Salt 2 packets of yeast sugar All Purpose flour Bread Flour Egg white I have a helper accompanying me today. Doesn't she look professional in her apron, made by mom, of course.. Make sure you follow all of the steps that Tessa tells you.. Add all of the dr

Outer Wear Series #4 - Very Formal Affair...

I know I'm a day last and a dollar short.. I was suppose to have this done by last Friday. I didn't want to rush it.. I wanted it to be done the right way and if that means me being a little late. Then so be it.. Without in further adieu... Here she is.................. Ms. America!!! I love her so much, the collar is so modern but the bottom is soo Vintage..I've always wanted a coat I can twirl in.. She was inspired by Dita Von Tease. I'm in a couple of Sewing Facebook Groups I was inspired by a beautiful vintage outfit from my fellow Sew Sista, Kimberly Clark.. She made a beautiful vintage inspired jacket that I went crazy for and had my mind just a turning..  I actually out 2 patterns together to get the look.  I improvised.. I have a secret to can you tell.. I want you too really look at it and tell me what it is. View of Brooch I didn't want buttons so I used this instead.. It's a beautiful Balloon Brooch, I've had it for years