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Transforming a 6 Cube Storage into a Mid-Century Media Console

Hello Everyone... I'm here today with an Ikea Hack. I know everybody loves a good hack. Now Let's Begin.. I will first show you the finished project and close up details on of the console. Next, it will be the steps on making the doors.  Closer look at my finished product.. Doors not perfect but great for a first time door maker.. The hinge was purchased at Home Depot. Screwed hinge in but left one screw out due to door closing awkwardly and door splitting a little. I don't have a problem with this we won't use the doors a lot. As long as front looks good, I'm good. In the future, I'll be making something a little better.. Always pre-drill your holes in both door and cube to prevent wood splitting. Door was also a little flimsy, to reinforce it. I added dowels in form of a diamond. And We're Off!!!! About 4-5 years ago, I purchased this Better Home & Garden 6 cubed for storage in my kitchen. Needless to say that didn't work out, so I put it in my off

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