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Recycling Old Designer Faux Print Fabric..

Hello Everyone!! Happy New Years to all of you! Hoping 2021 is a motivating and productive year to all Sew-Sista's. This is no way advertising or saying that this is real..  I've had and old faux LV purse for years in the back of my closet and wanted to recycle, repurpose and reuse.  Sorry, I don't have the original purse she was all cut up when I started taking pics. Far away she can pass but don't look too close, LOL.. It's just something for my coins in and receipts go into..  As you can tell close up, mother has seen better days.. I cut out fabric and lining just along the pocket, by using the pattern I made with a paper plate. Front pattern side by side. Opposite side Front and lining  Adding Lining and Zipper.. Sewing Together.. Closer Look... One side down another to go.. Another Angle  Both Sides Sewn Sew bottoms together. Also top-stitched  All Done... I know that this is short and sweet but I'm finishing up a project for next month.  Denim.. Yes and Mo

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