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Inspired Faux Leather Square Obi Belt

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Baby Girl Heart Cutout Dress

Hey Everyone! I'm back with a cute and fun dress for Thuraya.. I know it's the Cold now and I cannot believe that it's actually 45 degrees in Dallas. I used 4 $.99 fat quarters from Wal-Mart, 3 pattern and 1 coordinating fabric. Cut pattern ho Focusing on the back. Cut and add interfacing along the heart shape.  Put both fabrics facing each other and sewing all around attaching both bodice pieces together, remembering not to sew the bottom. Picture of both pieces together/ Turn piece inside out and iron flat. Another pic. Attach shirt.. If you have any questions. Please Comment, Share and Subscribe to my blog.. Until Next Time.... SEW IT CHIC'!!!!!

Checkered White and Black Pencil Skirt and Shirt

Hey Everyone!!! I'm back with yet another black and white outfit. I can honest say, that I don't plan it that way. I literally don't sort after B&W material it just happens. I love all colors, well I'm not a red girl but everything else, I'm good with. I just gravitate towards B&W. She's a lightweight Neoprene I purchased from I had no idea what I wanted to make because of its pattern but I wanted to really accentuate it more. Love how it turned out.. Don't you?? I love how my neckline turned out. It's more of a trapezoid than square. View of the skirt with shirt pulled up.. Had to add those pockets.. I love the fit and feel of it.. Please Comment, Share, Subscribe to my blog. Thanks for Stopping by.. Until Next Time... SEW IT CHIC

Girls Bedroom Series: Part 3 DIY Pillows..

Hey Everyone!!! I'm back with another post on my girls bedroom design. Well, my husband and I frequently go to Wally World and browsing through the fabric section. On this day particular day I walk right passed it then turned my head to the right and in a split second. Like a child a running across the street without o any guidance. I was hit by this fabric. I was soo overjoyed, I couldn't stop talking to the lady who cut my fabric. She just smiled and nodded, she was probably thinking I was some crazy person.  I DID NOT CARE!!!! 😁😁 She $7 a yard and I only bought one. If it was $30 a yard I would bought it too.. I wanted this material. It actually a home decor fabric just what I needed. I looked into my stash at home and found these 2 quarter yard yellow fabric squares, plus the rope from Dollar Tree.  Step one: Measure your rope by putting the fabric around it. I measured 3 inches.. Fold fabric the inches you measured then iron