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Dreams Really Do Come True in a Strapless Basket Weave Dress..

Hey Everyone.. I'm back with another nail biting tale of,  "Tanielle, Tortures herself with another Technical Dress". Well to my standards, it's complicated. Here's the story, I'm on Pinterest as usual looking through Ankara dresses and she happen to catch my eye. I knew that there was no way in the hell that I  could pull this off, too intricate for me. I had no time nor the inclination to make her and all of her straps, LOL. I purchased the fabric from for about $5 per yard because it was a great price and I put her up for a future project such as a top or pant. Well going on about my business for day to day, I kept thinking and dreaming of the inspiration dress. I told myself, nope, don't do it, reconsider, read some litera-ture. Sorry, that's Outkast in my head, so that's exactly what I did. But I had to give a her a try..  Here she is...  Soo Proud To Finally Have Her On!!!!! My Inspiration Pic.. I found this on Pinterest.. Absolute

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