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Giving New Life to Old Luxury Bags

Hey everyone!!  I'm back with another one for you.  It's been a minute since I posted but better late than never. I moved back to my hometown and in the mist of getting myself situated, I lost my Mo-Jo.  BUT! She's back and I have so many projects to show you, we can create together and actually seeing me in the garments I've made. I'm so critical of myself that I freeze at the moment of pictures of myself in them. But hold on wait minute, I'll be 50 in October and I am a grown ass woman and I will not let my fear get the best of me and I'm Shining!!! Her name is Lou-Mes.... She's a hybrid, of course.  She's so petite and classic.  I've always wanted a Hermes but who doesn't right.  I just can't see myself paying $5000 and up for a purse.  NO BUENO!!!!! I keep all of my old and beat up purses because of it's hardware and fabric.  Yes, I'm a hoarded like that.  Don't Judge!!  I wanted to test out an old Hermes pattern I downloa

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