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Hello Everyone!!! It is me and I'm back again with another creation. These last 2 years have been crazy for me. I've separated from my husband and moved back to my hometown, New Orleans for a fresh start with the girls. But I've been looking back at all of my projects that I've done and some I've actually forgotten to post, like this beauty. I made her in August 2021.  She's so nice, I have 2 more in the making. A really cool black and white stripe with green palms and a colorful Ikat.   Ideas in my head. Start like this,  Items: Straps are from Amazon, but I don't recommend them. They unravel in about a week of using them. 2 yards Fabric 1 yard of Interfacing Keychain (optional) Amazon 1 ½ yards of ribbon  (I chose 2 ribbons, 2 inches and 1 inch)   Putting the idea together without sewing. Sorry about Aries, she's nosy like that.  This picture was taken in June of 2021.  I no longer have a desk or a cat.  I moved back to my hometown.  But I really miss

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