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Merry Christmas 2017

Merry Christmas To All!!!!

Redesigning My Home...

 Hey Everyone! I'm creating another series called Redesigning My Home. I've had my old sectional sofa for 14 years, don't judge me. It was all we needed at the time and I didn't want to by anything new because of our kids being soo young. Now that the kids are semi grown and can take better care of things, we knew we needed to buy one. Didn't know baby girl was coming but that's neither here nor there, back the story. We've received so many compliments on how comfortable our old sectional was, so we decided to by another sectional, not the exact one but something similar.  I know I want to go darker and more dramatic with my colors this year.   I have one long wall connecting my living room, dining and kitchen, so I have to have this color accented in every room. I went with Vintage Velvet in a Matte Finish, it's beautiful navy blue by Behr. This color doesn't due it just, it's more darker on my hall.

DIY Faux Marble Desk

Hey Everyone! I'm here with a DIY for you all. My almost 10 year old wants to redesign her room. For starters we decided to purging all of her baby stuff and giving a lot to charity. She wanted to throw out this old IKEA desk her big sister handed down to her but I decided to cover it with some faux marble I had for a while in the back of my cabinet.   So let's get to it. Materials you need are: Faux Marble Contact Paper. I purchased mine from Amazon Scissors Old Credit Card   As you can see the desk has seen it's better days but its still sturdy and smooth. Please excuse the floor, we know how 9 years old are, lol.. First, I measured the desk width side and cut it using the grids that the contact paper had on its backside. After cutting it, apply the paper a little at a time making sure the you smooth it out the credit card and tuck the ends under the desk.    To apply the second piece, try to make sure to get as c

Come Thrifting with Me #2

Hi Everyone! It's Thrifting time again. Last weekend, I went to a place called Thrift Town in Dallas and came across some of the cutest finds. It wasn't much but I still consider it a good deal.. I purchased the lamp for $5.99. I already had a great shade for it at home. This lamp that's almost identical to the one I purchased was $129.99. Another Score!! I love this little cup soo much and it was only .50 cent.. I looked it up and it was online for $9 - $15, Score!!! I'm for New Orleans, so every Fleur di lis I come in contact with I'm buying it.. $3.99 Elegant, blue and white rice bowl with translucent 'rice grain' pattern that is visible through the porcelain. Each for $1, I looked these up and they were about $15 each.. Happy!!  I'm putting nuts and candy's in these.. This was the view when I held it up to the sun. And here's a surprise for you

Come Thrifting With Me!!

Hi Everyone! I'm creating a new series for my blog called  "Come Thrifting With Me". Every other week you can come with me and see all of the beautiful things we can find in our neighborhood thrift stores. First things first, I have an affinity for the blue and white pottery seen below. Mary McDonald Picture Now every time I enter as thrift store or any store as a matter of fact, I look for blue and white pottery, pictures, furniture and other things. Two weeks before last week, I found the cutest pot for $1.50 and a lovely Mid Century Melitta Coffee/Tea Server for $2.99. I knew it was worth something, so I looked it up and to my amazement it was being sold for almost $40. YES!!! Last week, I road around trying to find a thrift store another thrift store but it was closed down, then something told to go to the TS you went to 2 weeks ago and found all of these things. I went crazy, buying every blue and white piece I could

Wally World Fabric Haul

Hello Everyone!! I hope that everyone is having a great year soo far. Apart from having a baby and back to work, it's been nice. I'm coming to you today with a Wally World Fabric Haul, yes Wal-Mart.  I'm also including some inspiration pictures that I hope to create using the fabric. First up, is these Neoprene fabric, yes that's what I said NEOPRENE. I was walking through the isle looking for a stretch denim and on the clearance rack for $2.00 a yard were these 3 neoprene fabrics. I first had to pinch myself because of the beautiful colors, then I had wake up because it was neoprene. I know I should have bought more, but I'm the kind of girl that's not greedy. I like to share the beautiful fabrics with my sew Sista's and Mista's.. Aren't they nice! I had to show this unbelievable value of this fabric.. This picture doesn't do this fabric just. These are some ideas and inspirations for this fabric.. View B