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Inspired Faux Leather Square Obi Belt

Hey Everyone!!! Today, I'm coming at you today with an accessory an Obi belt to be more specific. I've been obsessed with Loewe's Wide Obi Belt since I've seen it on one of my favorite Youtubers.  As some of you all already know, I love to recreate designer fashion but give a twist to it.
I love doing this at a fraction of the cost to tell the truth I actually did this for FREE..
Yes, FREE with faux black leather I purchased from Wal-Mart years ago.

I love how the belt cinches in your waist, making your silhouette even more dramatic.
Can you say Statement Piece?
It feels more like art to me, such sculpture statement to make. 


Loewe Wide Obi Belt

It's not really a tutorial, more of a pictorial.
I actually used a old peplum pattern and cut the shape I wanted.
I can't give you dimensions, you'd have to make the shape to want..

When you get the shape you want, you cut the pattern.  Make sure you cut 2 and cut both on the fold.  After, cutting 2 ta…

Baby Girl Heart Cutout Dress

Hey Everyone! I'm back with a cute and fun dress for Thuraya..
I know it's the Cold now and I cannot believe that it's actually 45 degrees in Dallas.

I used 4 $.99 fat quarters from Wal-Mart, 3 pattern and 1 coordinating fabric.
Cut pattern ho

Focusing on the back.

Cut and add interfacing along the heart shape. 

Put both fabrics facing each other and sewing all around attaching both bodice pieces together, remembering not to sew the bottom.

Picture of both pieces together/

Turn piece inside out and iron flat.

Another pic.

Attach shirt..

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Until Next Time.... SEW IT CHIC'!!!!!