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Project Runway Review Season 15, Episode 1

Hey Everyone! I'm back with my Season 15, Episode 1 Review on Project Runway!! Right off the bat I knew I was going to Love this season. Everyone is soo talented and has alot of personality. Let's Begin!! First, we see all 16 designers gather at a party welcoming them to Project Runway. So, they talk amongst themselves and try to enjoy each others company, that's when Heidi and Tim walks in. Hello Everyone, Welcoming  the to Project Runway. Right then and there the first challenge is given and it's an Unconventional Challenge. They had to use the items at the party to make a garment. The designers couldn't believe that right off the bat it was a unconventional challenge but we all know project runway will throw us a curve ball really quick. And they're off!!! After all the party decoration were gathered, everyone heads to Parson's.  Well in the sewing room alot of designers are a little confused, scared and int

What's Going On!!!!

Hey Everyone! I know what your thinking, "What the Hell Has Happened to You?" I know, I know! It's this job and I'm happy to announce that I'm pregnant, yes pregnant again and I just don't have the energy like I use to. I'm 42 years old, 4 1/2 months pregnant and tired as hell. LOL! This pregnancy was so unexpected that it really blew my mind. As you all know, last year I had a miscarriage so I thought that my baby having days were over. Well to my surprise, it wasn't. I just went to my doctor and she says that everything looks and sound great. No restrictions, just don't over do anything. My poor hubby nerves are shot, I can't do anything without him, so overprotective but I love him anyway, lol.. Ladies, what in the hell do I look like having a baby at 43 years old. I have a 24 year old, who's married a 15 year old that's in high school and a almost 9 year old. Mind you they're all girls... As you all know Proje