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Checkered White and Black Pencil Skirt and Shirt

Hey Everyone!!! I'm back with yet another black and white outfit. I can honest say, that I don't plan it that way. I literally don't sort after B&W material it just happens. I love all colors, well I'm not a red girl but everything else, I'm good with. I just gravitate towards B&W. She's a lightweight Neoprene I purchased from I had no idea what I wanted to make because of its pattern but I wanted to really accentuate it more. Love how it turned out.. Don't you?? I love how my neckline turned out. It's more of a trapezoid than square. View of the skirt with shirt pulled up.. Had to add those pockets.. I love the fit and feel of it.. Please Comment, Share, Subscribe to my blog. Thanks for Stopping by.. Until Next Time... SEW IT CHIC

Girls Bedroom Series: Part 3 DIY Pillows..

Hey Everyone!!! I'm back with another post on my girls bedroom design. Well, my husband and I frequently go to Wally World and browsing through the fabric section. On this day particular day I walk right passed it then turned my head to the right and in a split second. Like a child a running across the street without o any guidance. I was hit by this fabric. I was soo overjoyed, I couldn't stop talking to the lady who cut my fabric. She just smiled and nodded, she was probably thinking I was some crazy person.  I DID NOT CARE!!!! 😁😁 She $7 a yard and I only bought one. If it was $30 a yard I would bought it too.. I wanted this material. It actually a home decor fabric just what I needed. I looked into my stash at home and found these 2 quarter yard yellow fabric squares, plus the rope from Dollar Tree.  Step one: Measure your rope by putting the fabric around it. I measured 3 inches.. Fold fabric the inches you measured then iron

Inspired Office Chic Dress.. Modified McCalls 6035 & Silhouette Dress Pattern

Hey Everyone!!! I took off a few months from work to spend time with family. Now it's time to get back into work mode. So, I'm on a mission to make a couple chic office outfits. There's an old saying that goes, "When you look good you feel good" and I want to feel Bossy when I return. My inspired dress below is from New York & Company. I loved it the moment I saw her and knew I had to make a super chic version for myself.   I used the same silhouette pattern in my previous blogs.  I cut out the shirt pattern using McCall's 6035 making a Blouse Dickie out of it.. After sewing silhouette dress together and  before attaching the dickie, I measured how low I wanted the V-neckline. I sometimes open my neckline due to my 2 girlfriend. Opening open your neckline if you have large bust has a slimming effect, it lengthens the silhouette and directs the eye downward, it really does. Science, who knew??? Took it about 4

Girls Bedroom Series: Part 2 DIY Art

Hey Everyone!!! Next Up, Wall Décor... I've always wanted to make a pour paint painting for myself. But since we're making over my daughters room, I decided to take a chance and make them a pair. I used acrylic paint in colors, black, yellow, white, a little glitter and  purchased a paint conditioner called Floetrol, which was purchased at Wally World.. Instructions: Mix each color in different cups adding paint conditioner and a little water to thin paint, then go for it. Take each color one at a time in cup and pour onto canvas. This is really sloppy soo make sure you've placed plastic under it if you don't want it on your floor.  Well, How do they look? Nile really loves them.. She's so proud of her MOM.. I'm feeling like Superwoman with a Big M on my chest.. Until Next Time... PAINT IT CHIC!!!!!


Hey Everyone!!! Lawd, I'm finally back.. I purchased my domain name, and it just disappeared.  I couldn't log on and do anything for 2 months.  That's right, 2 months.  I've sent countless number of emails begging for assistance, then this afternoon, I used my Program Support Assistant Hat on and found a live chat. Mrs.Violet got me up and running.. In my Madea voice, THANK GODT!! All my slow ass(sorry) had to do was verify my email..  Don't judge me, please lol!!!!! I've been sewing, painting and drafting up a storm.. Stay Tuned... Until Next Time.. SEW IT CHIC!!!!

Burda Style 6442: The Front Knot Dress

Hey Everyone!! I'm back again, yes in the same week. This was my first time working with Burda and I can proudly say, I'm very happy with the results. It took about 2 hours from start to finish and will be making the longer version next. I have about 3 yards of blue and red ITY screaming to be used. I used a green and white ITY stretch jersey knit..

Inspired Modified Dress

Hey Everyone!! I'm back with another "Inspired" piece. I'm obsessed with Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) on the series House of Cards.. It's been years that this picture was pinned on my Pinterest Board. I was up one night, looking through my boards, came across this picture and that was it. Wait, at first the dress was going to be completely different colors. If you follow me on Instagram, you've seen something totally different. The black was going to stay as is but colorful scuba had a mind of it own.. As you scroll down, you'll understand, see the hiccups I faced and managed to save my dress. Everyone, I'd love for you to meet my Obsession... Yes, that's her name.. Coveting is really what I was doing this dress, lol. I know it's a deathly sin, seriously I was driving myself crazy trying to find it's maker. This was the very first picture I had of dress was this. I was tired of rewinding and rewinding to study the dress.

DIY: Detailed DIY Oversized Romper: Franken-Pattern McCalls 6035 and Butterick 5652

Hey Everyone!! Now that summer is almost here in Dallas. I wanted to make another version of the Romper I made in March 2016.

Redesigning The Silhouette Dress..

Hey Everyone!  I'm back with another Silhouette Dress. The last silhouette dress I made came out great but was entirely to big for me. Soo, back to the drawing board..  I made minor adjustments, changed the neckline to a U-neck and took the dress in about a inch on both sides..  Click on link below to view the tutorial to the dress below.. To see the DIY dress above.... I used the same pattern for front and back, the change was taking an inch from both side of the dress. I also had a little time on my hands, so I decided to retrace the entire thing.. I was soo obsessed, I literally took it to work with me..  Tips for my newbies: Make sure you label all of your patterns you design.. After cutting dress front out, I felt I needed something different so I made a U-neckline. Excuse my baby's writing, I try to let her express herself almost everywhere, lol.. As before, I cut the front and back silh