One Slice at a Time Pizza

Good Morning Everybody!
I was just going thru some of my old pictures and see that I haven't posted alot of my food picture.
Like I said before, ADD is a bitch! 

So on alot of TBT, I'll post things that I've made in the past. 
If you interested in knowing how I got the recipe, it should be below..

Lets get started, this first one is soo fun to make with my girls for the summer time or lunch on the weekend. I was looking one of my FAVORITE YouTube Gurus "DIVAS CAN COOK" and she made these for her family. I thought it was genius especially when you're not in the mood to make lunch or even dinner. All you have to do is pop these bad boys in the oven or toaster oven one slice at a time..

 This is the ending results and they hold up nicely.. link below is her fabulous channel.

Her recipe for the pizza crust is on her video as well or make your own crust..

After making the crust and baking it for a couple of minutes. 
I prepared the topping.
This was so fun to make with my daughters.

 Picture of all the topping on the pizza.
Looking Good!!

I had enough dough to make two.
Please excuse the mess.

Next you "Flash Freeze" it for about and hour, then cut them up into slices.

I wrapped my pizzas twice to prevent freeze. So she recommend you use plastic wrap then freezer bags and put them in an air-tight container. 
It works also..
I also take a straw and suck the air out of the freezer bags.

Until Next Time....
Make it Chic!!!


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