Hi Everyone!

I love making things just to challenge myself. 
I am by no means a professional cook. Most of my recipes are things written down many years ago and now since I'm blogging, I've decided to share with you all. I keep magazines, folders and notebooks of things I want to make, recreate, and/or cook. It's therapeutic to me to make things from start to finish.

But I digress. 
I know that I don't have alot of views but I just love creating and see my creations come to life. 
Here'e another easy lunch/dinner idea meal for your family for after school or the weekends.
Like me and maybe some of you have leftover Spaghetti and don't want to throw perfectly good spaghetti away, so I'll tell you what to do. 


My DIY Spaghetti Pie.. I got the recipe from Divas Can Cook You Tube Channel.. It was so good.. I made 2 and cut them in 4's and froze them... Fast Meal on the Weekends..

Things you will need:

Casserole Dish
Cheese (any kind you like)
Pasta Sauce or Meat Sauce
1 Egg
Plastic freezer bags
Parsley (optional)


First, you start with your own spaghetti prepared already.

Pre-Heat oven to 400 degrees .

Next, mix noodles, a cup of cheese and egg in a pot..
Mix well.
Put all "noodle mix"in pie pan or casserole dish of you liking.
Put 1/2 of your meat sauce on top of noddles, then add more cheese on top.

Bake for 20 minutes.
Let cool completely.

Then cut into triangles or square.

Place individually triangles or square into freezer bags.

I have a vacuum sealer for food but was extremely too lazy to take it out and set it up.
I only needed to freeze 4 pieces anyway.

I just put a straw in the side of the bag and sucked the air out..
Almost vacuumed sealed..

It did a really good job..

In separate bags, fill freezer bag with rest of spaghetti sauce, dividing them into the number of triangles or squares you have.

As you can see, I place all of the pies and sauce that are bagged separately in a huge freezer bag and vacuum sealed that one as well.  

All we had to do when they want something to eat or if I want lunch for work. Take it out the freezer that morning and leave it on the counter or in my lunch bag. By lunch time it should be thawed, take it out of the bag, put it on a plate and microwave it for about a minute or two and pour the sauce on top. I'll even make a salad to go on the side.. 

I hope you like this easy idea on what to do with Leftover Spaghetti.
There will be more easy ideas, meal planning, leftover ideas to come..
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Until Next Time...


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