Decorating My Girls Bedroom Series: Part One

Hey Everyone!
I'm back with something different, Again!!
Home Decorating
My tween daughter Nile wants her baby sister to start sharing a room together.
I thought that was soo sweet, big sister stepping up..
So you know we have to decorate, right?

First is the consultation..
Colors: Yellow, Black, White, whisper of Silver/Gray.
Theme: No Theme

Second up, Walls... Paint..
I found the inspiration from a Wonderful Youtuber called Yolanda Renee
I wanted something similar but not exactly like her version, I tweaked it a little.
I had to talk my daughter into it because she was hesitant until she looked YR on the tube and it was a GO. We loved the results, apparently most of you all did to.
I had almost 900 likes on FB..
Soo, Thank YOU ALL very much...

I used Rust-oleum Chalk Board to paint the stripes on the walls.
It really gave the wall texture with the flat paint..

I painstaking little painted one by one stripe on the wall it took about 3 hours.
Baby, a glass of wine and some good music with get you through anything, lol...


Ignore the spots on the floor, we had a couple of spills but they were cleaned up..

It's all done, just have to do under the window too...

Excuse all of the junk in the room, all of this is going to give room for twin beds.
From time to time I'll be putting up blog post about their room. I'm wanting to finish it maybe beginning of summer. I still have to paint
more and hang DIY Art up, that will be in a post or 2 after this one. I'm waiting for the paint and canvases to come in.. 

If you have any questions. please feel free to post it below..
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Thanks Again...

Until Next Time....


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