Easy Morning Waffles with a Twist..

Hi Everybody! 
I've been trying find new ways to spruce up my girls breakfast, they love all types of things but you can get tired of eggs and turkey bacon all the times. 
So I went on my FAVORITE website Pinterest and came across this easy way to make flavored Waffles for my girls on a Cold Fall Morning..

It's so easy and taste soo good..

All you need is Flavored Muffin Mix, yes.. Muffin Mix, they're about $1 each and a Waffle Maker..
It makes about 4-5 Waffles.. 
I'm quite sure you can also make pancakes too.. 
I'll try it one day.. 

Mix all with 1/2 cup milk and full waffle maker and Viola!! 

Easy as pie!!!

Until Next Time...



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