Easy DIY Marshmallows..

Easy Homemade Marshmallows

If you love Hot Cocoa with Marshmallows, you'll love this recipe. Once you make these, I promise you, you'll never buy store bought marshmallows again..

I never thought that making Marshmallows was soo fun and easy.. 
Look at it's deliciousness....
They're so soft and tasty.
  My family can really tell the difference, they tell me that the ones I make are alot better..  

How to Make Marshmallows - CHOW Tip

Follow all of the steps an ingredients in the video..
Below is the pictures of how the Marshmallow Transforms.. 

At first, when you add the ingredients.Start the mixer, gradually adding speed, you'll think that something's not right but keep it going and press ahead on the highest setting.. 

See what I told you.. 
This is about 3 minutes in..
Keep mixing..

 5 mins in..
Keep Mixing..

About 7 minutes in..
Keep Mixing..

OK, 9 to 10 minutes in.. 
When it looks like marshmallow fluff, it's done..

Transfer Marshmallow into a oil sprayed pan.

Now the HORRIBLE part begins..
You have to wait 6 whole hours.
YES! 6 hours, until it sets.

Looks like somebody couldn't wait.. 

Now let's get down to business.
Tip: Sprinkle cornstarch and powered sugar on counter or cutting board, before you place the marshmallow block down..

Close up view of Marshmallows.. 
Looks soo good..

Cut marshmallows in anyway you like.. 

Close up view when cut..
Make sure you put a generous amount of powered sugar and cornstarch, you wouldn't want all of it to clump together..  

And there you have it..
 It tastes soo heavenly when it melts into the cocoa.. 
Oh My Goodness...

Until Next Time..
Make It Chic!!! 


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