Outer Wear Series #2

Hey Everyone...
Continuing our Series on Outer Wear every Wednesday.. 
I always loved McCall's 6611 pattern and wanted to do some with Ankara fabric, so I put the 2 together. I order this fabric about 2 months ago. The Blue-black suiting fabric was from Fabric.com about $2.95 a yard and the Ankara fabric was from my favorite Etsy store, TAMBO Collections about $6.95 a yard . She was has such great prices and beautiful ankara designs..       
So without any further ado..

Here she is, I haven't named her yet as I do most of my garments. 
So for now she will remain nameless..

I had this pattern for a while, but was really scare to use it.
I finally got the nerve and I can honestly say, it was easy to make.. 
McCall's 6611

I didn't line the jacket, only lines parts that will show like the neckline, back bottom and front flaps.
The directions wasn't confusing at all, I just did my own thing when it came to the lining..  

Picture below shows the front panel and lining 

Put they together faces each other

Making sure you trim access fabric

Turn panel inside out and iron flat

Picture of both panels

Picture of front panels and neck lining.

I put interfacing in neckline to give the jacket some stability 

Picture of Inside of neckline after sewn and ironed flat.

I have a Mini Serger but she broke on me, use a zigzag stitch if you don't have a serger.  
It's not perfect but works for me..

After putting all of the pieces together this is how inside of the garment looks.
As I said, I didn't line garment.

Almost finished Jacket.. 

Back View of Jacket

Garment laying flat

View of back pleat. 

I had enough of fabric to also make wide-legged pants.
If you'd like me to put the on my blog just reply below..


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