Outer Wear Series!!!

Hi everyone! 
I know it been a minute since I've sewn anything for myself.. I'm happy to say that I'm back... 
Everyone knows it Fall and Jacket time.. 
So, during the Month of October, I want to start a Series..
Outerwear Series that is..
 Each week, I'll post Jackets that I made for this Fall Season.. 

First on the list is this easy beauty..
I'm calling her Stormy... 
I just know she's going to be my go-to girl, through the go times and bad.. 
She was made in about 4 hours, I try my best not to rush through my process of sewing. Sewing is a outlet of me.. I always hated deadlines, I'm emotional that way.. 
I guess it's a creative thing.. 

Easy pattern for a beginner to get their feet wet.. 

McCall's 6408

You all know most of my fabric comes from Wally World..
This was such a nice thick cotton that I bought 4 yards. Yes, you see right $1.50 per yard.. I went back the next day to get more and it was all gone.
In the immortal words of Kenny Loggins  "I should've known better".... 
(Again, I crack myself up)
I bought it not knowing what I was going to make, but it so too good to pass up.. 
After making this Stormy, I had enough to make a dress. But I digress, you see that on my next posting.

Really nice material.. 

I hate cutting patterns out, but what'ca gonna do about it.. The pattern must run large because I cut a large out and it was a it big for me.. 
I still love it...

It was rather easy to make, very cut and dry..


Arm view.. 

The corners came out really great... 
Outside View...

Inside View..

I don't have a serger but  zigzag stitch to finish the seams..

View of the back 

I love the way it came out and will use this pattern alot.. 

Stay on the look-out for my Ode to Kini 
(Project Runway Season 13 Contestant)
2 Garments with 4 yards of fabric.. 

Until Next Time...
Sew It Chic!!! 


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