DIY Popsicle Wall Art

Happy New Year to you all. I know it's a little late but it's better late than never.
How is everyone? 
The family and I are great, Thuraya is now one year old.
Could you beleive how time flies, OMG!!
She's walking, trying to talking and turning our lives absolutely up-side-down.
She's a little firecracker and runs the whole house.
We wouldn't have it any other way.

Today, we're doing something soo easy, a kid can do it. 
Seriously, my 10 year old actually made one for her room as well. 
I needed something to unique to dress up 2 long walls that are located on the side of my windows. Then I ran into this YouTuber call Treshaja. 

Her channel is below:

She's so inspirational and does wonderful DIY's. I had to make this easy project even if I didn't use it but I did.. 

Large Popsicle Sticks
Hot Glue Gun
Glue Stick
Something to stick it on the wall. I used clear thumb tacks.

Step 1:
Hot glue 4 popsicle sticks in a square.
I made 12, but you can make more or less..

Step 2:
Glue them in any pattern you'd like.

Step 3:
Paint your wall art any color you'd like.
I painted mine Gold.

Hang your beautiful wall art you created.
There you have it. 
The most easiest DIY ever...

And it looks like a masterpiece..
I made 2 to go on the ends of each windows and they look as if they were bought at a high-end store. 

I hope you like this quick and easy DIY and promise not to be gone too long..

Until Next Time....


  1. Looks Fab, I'm going to try it except silver and perhaps with mirrors behind? Ty for the inspiration!😄


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