Bloomin Garlicky Onion Bread!!!

Happy 2015!

I hope you brought in the New Year surround by the people you love.

My 1st post of 2015 has got to be this delicious appetizer called Bloomin' Onion Bread. 
I was strolling through Pinterest and this looked soo good, I had to try it. 
I goggled it and this recipe can up.
I didn't follow the directions entirely, I'll elaborate a little later. 

Bloomin' Garlicky Onion Bread

It's not very nutritious but damn it's delicious. 
I made it for Family Movie Night and they went crazy for it.. 
Try it and you'll find out..

All you need is 5 easy ingredients.
Long Green Onions
Monterey Jack Cheese
1/2 cup of Butter or Margarine
3 Cloves of Garlic (minced) (optional)

And last but not least a Sour Dough Roll uncut.. 

First, you're going to cut the sour dough roll width-wise and lengthwise, making sure you don't cut through the bottom of the roll. 

Cut cheese in thin slices and insert between cuts of the roll.

 Cut long onions and garlic  

Melt butter in microwave, when melted add long onions and garlic to butter.

Pour mixture on top and inside cuts of sour dough.
Making sure you spread the ingredients around evenly.

Put 2 layers of aluminum foil under roll, lengthwise and width-wise for spillage. 
Make sure you rap roll 

I also added foil to the top of the roll to hold the heat in. 
Put in 350 degree oven for 15 minutes 

When done, put broiler on Hi and put roll under for 7-8 minutes or until brown..
OMG! Delicious!!

It came out great,
Please try it! I bet you love it.. 

Until Next Time..
Make It Chic!!!!!!


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