Spring Time In My Hubby's Garden 2015

Hi Everybody, my phone is finally working and my spirits are HIGH.. 
All is Well in the House of Atallah.. LOL! 

I Love the Spring Time.
My Hubby works soo hard on his garden and I love to see everything grow, especially the herbs.
We have Mint, Lavender, Sage, Basil, Thyme, Rosemary and a couple of other things.
We have Chestnut, Japonica, Nectarine, Peach, and some other berry trees.

We are also growing Tomatoes, Colored Bell Pepper, Jalapenos, Cucumbers, Asparagus, Beans and shit loads of others I can't remember.. 
I'll keep you posted.

I love making specialty drinks with all of my fruit and herbs.
Check it out below..

The Mint are taking over the yard.

 The figs are coming in nicely as well.. 

This is our 3rd year growing Grapes, the first year was fantastic but hubby didn't trim them and in the second year the grapes were too small. 
This year I bothered him all winter to cut the vine and now the are already coming in.. 


He has them up like a canopy and you can actually walk under them.
I love when the grapes come in and hang on the vine..
Stay Tuned..


Our Nectarines are plentiful this year also.. 

Our Sage are as big as your thumb.. 
Close up view.


One of the Twins.. He's soo cute.. 

Thyme is soo pretty this year..

Rosemary is here year round..

Our first time with the Lavender, well the others died before June. 
Let us pray!!!!...
I keep you posted the rest of the season for more growth.

Until Next Time..
Garden it Chic!!


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