Easy DIY Fireplace Starter...

Hey Everyone!
I hope that everyone's Christmas and New Year was Fantastic.

My first project of the year is a DIY that anybody can do, all you need is little time and patience.
Time for the accumulation of dryer lint and patience for the amount of toilet paper rolls and wax needed, LOL...

At this time of the year we love putting on our fireplace, cuddling up with some hot coco, and watch a really good movie, while listening crackling of the fire. Fire starters can be a little expensive and sometimes take too long to get going.
So you all know me, I did a research on the YT and found some ways to make a natural fire-starter with some things you already have in your home. I also made them cute, so you can display them out to match your decor.  

All you have to do is put a fire starter in between the firewood and light each end. 
Seriously it works, these are my 2nd batch and they work great.

 I just display them in a basket next to my fireplace for easy access. 

Aren't they cute! 
It's also a fun project for the kids.
Nile helped me roll them up..

All You Need:

Old Candle wax (melted in double boiler)
Toilet Paper Roll
Lint From Dryer
Tape (optional)
Decorative Paper (optional)

Melt wax in a double boiler.

I know!
But this stuff is magic..
Just stuff the lint inside the toilet paper rolls.

Dip each side of the rolls inside of the wax.
Try to do it quickly, don't let it just sit in the wax.
I used thongs, it makes it easier and less mess.

Put them on a newspaper to dry.
I used and old egg carton, you can also use the egg carton for a fire starter as well.
Just pour the wax inside the cups with the lint and let dry. 

After they're dried or cooled down.
Take your decorative paper and roll them up.

Like below.

Roll up

Fold end and tape

Twist ends like a tootsie roll and there you have it.

Soo easy! 

I hope you like this easy and quick DIY.
Leave me a message if you try it. 
I guarantee you'll love it.  

Until Next Time...


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