Vogue 8825 - Printed Knit Series..

Hey Everyone!
I know it's been a minute since I've posted anything, It's been a month since I started my new job and I'm trying to work out a blogging schedule. Can you please, please bare with me until I iron all of my kinks out and get a set schedule for my blogging?

This time I'm coming at you with a oldie but goody. I can remember years back that everybody tried this pattern and I loved everyone's version of it. I even cutout a cream ponte' jumpsuit using the top but never finished it. I'll get to it later, LOL. Since I'm working, I've come to the realization that most of the garments I've sewn are extremely too fancy or I personally feel overdressed. It's really causal in my office and I need something really easy and comfortable but still cute. 

I need easy, comfortable and something that you can dress up or down. So I'm made it my mission to find fabric and hoping it would speak to me and tell me what it wanted.
Then it can to me,
Wrap or Semi Wrap Knit Dresses!!!

First Up!
This grey gorgeous printed polyester knit.
I made her a little short, so I'll be wearing her as a shirt.
Now I see black knit fabric in the near future, I'll be making the vogue pant.

I love fabric.com other than Wally World, it's my go-to store.

Fabric.com had alot of stretch knit on sale and I took advantage of the sale.
I was a little scared of the quality, so I bought about 2 yards of each. I must say, the quality is really good. They're great of spring, summer and fall because of it's lightness but I wouldn't recommend these fabrics for winter. As you see below, they were a steal.


I love all of them and they feel wonderful next to the skin.

This gray spoke to me first. 
She said, "Pick me, you have shoes that would make me pop!" and she was right.


I chose Vogue 8825, she's subtle yet sophisticated and very appropriate for work.

She was very easy to make and looks amazing on. 

Everything's all cut out..
I really wish I could pay someone to cut my patterns and fabric out.
I really HATE IT, but I digress.

I was making a dress until I didn't found out I didn't have enough fabric.

Front top is put together.
Inside View...

Outside View...

Back View...

Darted Top..

Front, back and cuffs sewn...

Close up view of top..

Another view of cuff..

Darted back view...

Top and botttom sewn together with sash...

Side view of the whole top..

Top Portion

Hope you like this sassy Dress/Top
I'll be back next week with the second strecth knit dress of this series..
I promise, LOL!

Until Next Time..


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