McCall's 6797 Maternity Style..

Hey Everyone!
I'm back again this week with a sewing project I just finished last night. Some of you may know that I'm expecting at 43 years of age and now I'm in need of maternity clothes. Most of the maternity clothes out there aren't too cute or flattening at all to the beautiful growing belly of an expecting woman. Thinking and trying to find something cute to wear to work and out and about, I had to dig into my patterns and find some "maternity-type" clothes I can couture to my body. 

Well, first up was easy, I'm making about 10 of these shirts because they are too cute.
This isn't my first time making it and knew when I dug my older sweater out, I had to go out and buy  fabric to make more. 

I went with a black and white striped medium weight knit, purchased from my favorite Wally World at $3.47 per yard. I cut it diagonal to give it a little dimension and to accentuate my growing body. 

It took about a hour and a half from start to finish. 

McCall's 6797
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All cut and ready to go..

Front and back sewn together. 

Side of the unfinished shirt and it fits the belly to a tee..

Neck needs to be finished 

Neckband all done.

After added the sleeve and hemming the shirt, she was all done.
Another side view of the cute shirt. 

View of the flared side of the blouse 

Finished blouse.
I really recommend this top for non-maternity and maternity, you'll love the fit.

I hope you've enjoy this project as much as I did.
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