DIY Toddlers Slippers

Hey Everyone!! 
Happy Holiday's, can you believe next week is Thanksgiving!
OMG.. This year is really moving fast..

Now, that Thuraya's almost 2,she is constantly taking everything off, from shoes to clothe to diapers..
Sounds like it's time for someone to start potty training.. 
Now that the weather is finally changing she going to need some slippers.
Leave it to me to try and make them and I can honestly say, I succeeded.

I wanted my make something less slipper like and more feet like.
Lawd, I hope that sounds right.. 
She doesn't like the bulky slippers, it made her feet sweat and she can walk around the house on this cool floor with bare feet.
These we're a perfect combo for her and she really seem to like them..
In my Madea's voice, "Hallelujer, Praise the Lort".

I traced her slippers to make the pattern,
Make sure when you cut the bottom, you cut a left side and right side. 
I just cut 1 and labeled it left side, flipped it over and labeled it other side right. 
You're going to cut 3 layers for each of the bottom , cut 1 faux leather left and right for the bottom so she doesn't slip, cut 1 interfacing left and right to attach fabric and 1 fabric left and right pieces for the inside for comfort.. 

I also traced the heel and cut 4 fabric and 2 interfacing.
You can see on the picture below how I placed them together.

I also did the same with the toe..

After ironing the interfacing on one side of fabric. 
Sew just the curve of the fabrics together with the interfacing facing out. 
After sewn, turn outsides in and iron..

Do the same with the heel as you did to the toe. 
But sew only one top of curve, like below.
Turn it outside in and iron.

I measured 4 inches  long of the elastic and cut, but the elastic itself was 1/2 inch in width. 

Now you're going to sew a channel in the top on the heel..

 Feed elastic through top.

Don't pull elastic all the way through, sew elastic on each sides to stay in place.

After you've sewn the interfacing on the inside bottom fabric.
Place fabric side up on faux leather and sew pieces together.

Sew heel and toe together on both ends.

Place inside out heel and toe fabric on top of bottom leather. 

Pin together and sew all around..
Like picture below.

After sewn, flip inside out and there you have it.

Bottom of slipper...
It's really nonstick too.

She loves them soo much and kept them on all day.. 
On my next time around, I'll make to sure to cut the slipper toe a little bigger and cut the elastic a little longer.

She actually went to sleep with them on. 
I had to wait until she was sleep to take the off.. 

If you have any questions. please feel free to post it below..
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Until Next Time....


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