DIY Decoorative Tassle Bead

DIY Decorative Bead Tassels

Hey Everyerone!
I'm back again with an easy and almost free DIY..

Today, I have a Decorative Beaded Tassel

All you need is old beads you have and some Dollar Tree Jute Twine.

Take apart the necklace and string them on the jute twine.
I put a little piece of tape at the end to make the bead slide on easier.

Now, for the tassle..
Take a card or something rectangle and make circle the twine on the card.
when the tassle is large enough, cut the twine.
Like below..

Loop the twine around inside and tie off top of tassle.

Like this..

Pull twine off cardboard and tie off top.

Make loop around the upper part of  tassle and cut bottom.
There's your tassle.

Make sure you leave enough twine to connect with beads.

And there you have it.
I know it's not much but it's the little things that bring it all together.

Here's how it actually looks on my "free" table. 
My husband and I bought and old van and the table was left in the van. We asked if they wanted it, they said no. All we needed was to buy a glass on top. We bought glass, I wiped it down, polished it up and it looks brand new.
 The best $75 I ever spent. 

Until Next Time....


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