1st Time Making a Gown..Butterick 5710

Hey Everyone!!
I'm back with some really different, even for me..

I've had people ask if I make gowns but was too frightened to even consider making one for myself, so hell no for anybody else.. 

I'm finally doing things that I swore I wouldn't....
Shit....Let's Take That Dive..

Come with me on a journey of my very first time actually making a gown. I particularly paid extra attention to the inside of the dress like it's neatness and finishes.

Butterick 5710

Butterick 5710

I didn't know that this dress was inspired by Pippa Middleton's Bridesmaid Gown.
Upon my research, it's the exact dress...

Well alright, Mrs. Middleton!!

I want to teach myself how to design and make gowns.
First, I want to dip my toe into gowns patterns and baby steps into different fabrics.
I'm not ready for Satins, Chiffons, Taffetas and Brocades quite yet, remember we're taking baby steps.
The gown was made in a stretch rayon knit I purchased from Fabric.com almost a year ago. 

Let's begin....
Sewn both front and drape together.
Lawd, I'm sew enjoying using my serger.
I've had had it for almost 7 years and finally gotten the hang of it.
Now, I'm a serging fool... 

Front bodice and drape on dress form..

Front bodice and front skirt sewn together.

Side view

Close up view

The arms were a little confusing because I'd never sewn arms like these before..

Both front and back sewn on..
It looks really pretty like this seriously.

I'm getting inspired....

Back view of gown..

I paid close attention to the inside of the gown.

Both sides sewn and all hemmed up..
Look at this Beauty Queen...

Close up of drape..

Close up of drape open.

Back view of gown..

OMG!! Look at her...
I can't believe I did it..

If you have any questions. please feel free to post it below..
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Until Next Time....


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