DIY: Detailed DIY Oversized Romper: Franken-Pattern McCalls 6035 and Butterick 5652

Hey Everyone!!
Now that summer is almost here in Dallas.
I wanted to make another version of the Romper I made in March 2016.

 I posted an Oversized Inspired Marc Jacob Romper 2 years ago and had a lot of request to make a detailed DIY. So, I'm down to tried and remember the process on how I created it. Lucky, my somewhat older brain remembered the whole process and it's a long one.
As I was browsing through Esty, I fell in love with this fun and colorful print. You all know oh, how I love Ankara Fabric.

Link to 1st Inspired Romper

I put both patterns
McCall's 6035 and Butterick 5652

Cut Butterick 5652 View D in size Large..

Cut McCalls 6035 #5 out in largest size. 
Your jumper suit is suppose to be oversized..

Overlay Shirt pattern (McCall's) on top of  romper (Butterick).
Like pic below

Extend shirt pattern to end of jumper pattern.
see below..

Another look.
Shirt will not go all the way down to the crotch, don't worry about that we deal with that later.

I also folded the jumper leg to the desired length. I didn't want to cut it just in case I wanted to used the jumper in whole one day. 
Remember to  Cut 2.

Next the arms.
Remove jumper pattern leaving shirt pattern in its place.

With a shirt or as I did my French ruler, make an armhole by extending the shirt armhole all the way down to the jumpers armhole..
Really look at the 2 pictures below before you cut to understand.

All cut and ready to sew..

Now the back.
Put Butterick' s back jumper #6 under McCall's shirt #7 on top. It best if you use pin both patterns together before you put it on the fabric to cut.

Another View

Roll the jumper pattern up to the desired length.

Lay both piece on fabric and Cut 2 pieces

Same as the front armhole, I just laid the back on top of front and cut.

Sew the front and back crotch area.

Connecting the front and back.

While romper is open I sewed in pockets

Crotch and leg area shown.

Inside of romper sewn together.

Now to attach the collar.

Loving the colors.

Attaching the band to collar.

All Done..

Make sure you hem bottom and sleeves to your liking..

Close up of the collar..

Had to take picture of the back..
Love it..

I just love it..

I hope you've enjoyed my little pictorial of the "inspired" jumper.
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Until Next Time....


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