Inspired Modified Dress

Hey Everyone!!
I'm back with another "Inspired" piece.
I'm obsessed with Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) on the series House of Cards..
It's been years that this picture was pinned on my Pinterest Board.
I was up one night, looking through my boards, came across this picture and that was it.
Wait, at first the dress was going to be completely different colors.
If you follow me on Instagram, you've seen something totally different.
The black was going to stay as is but colorful scuba had a mind of it own..
As you scroll down, you'll understand, see the hiccups I faced and managed to save my dress.

Everyone, I'd love for you to meet my Obsession...
Yes, that's her name..
Coveting is really what I was doing this dress, lol.
I know it's a deathly sin, seriously I was driving myself crazy trying to find it's maker.
This was the very first picture I had of dress was this.
I was tired of rewinding and rewinding to study the dress.
Now, I had something I could see in its entirety.


I didn't know who was the designer but I knew I had to make a similar version of it.
Then there it was..

Cumberbun Dress
Narciso Rodriguez

All Hell Naw!!!!

But then, I can across this little number..

Patmos Dress
Club Monaco
Not bad, but just don't have $124 just lying around to buy a dress.

I loved that back...

My Dress $8.00...

I stayed up last week and had to draft this bodice.
I couldn't get the dress out of my head until I made it..
Got my trusty tools, yes that includes the wine too, lol..

Cut everything out and add seam allowances. 

That's where it all went down hill.
From a far it looks perfectly fine, just take a closer look in the picture below.

I actually tried to sew the scuba and ponte together, then sew in the darts...
Absolutely wrong idea..

Plus, the scuba felt a little thin compared to the ponte.
It must have been the thinnest scuba I've ever felt.  

So, back to the drawing board I went.. 
Found the grey material I have about a year from Wally World. 
Think it was $2 and yard, I purchased 5..

As you can see, I've learned my lesson well..
I sewed the darts on the upper bodice and cumberbun separately, then attached them together.
Soo proud of myself..

Sorry I didn't take picture of the bottom.
My baby girl thinks my phone is hers.
But this is how I created the cummerbund.
I cut a front skirt out on the fold.
Then flipped the top cummerbund pattern piece downward.
Raised the cummerbund pattern piece up about 3 inches. 
The middle ban piece should measure about 2 inches. 

Almost Done...
I know some of you seen these 2 pieces, already.
But I have another surprise for you...

I added a little Cap Sleeve to give it even more contrast.

I only used the black Ponte' to the back using my back bodice pattern.
I didn't add the cummerbund back, maybe next dress, since I'd already made the pattern.
I really loved the effect the back has... 
It will make person look twice at you, LOL...

Side View..

Even Closer Look

Closer look at Cummerbund 

Next time, I'll lineup the darts better...

Close view of arm

Even closer look, so proud of myself..

Back View..

I'm going to give it another try in the Fall and change a few of things.

I hope you've enjoyed my "Inspired Design Modified"...
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Until Next Time....


  1. Love it--you know, you could market this pattern ...

    1. Robin, OMG! I really need to. I wish I knew how I could do that.
      Thanks for stopping by and comments.. Stay tune until tomorrow. I have another dress for you..
      First time working with Burdastyle...

  2. It's wonderful! I loved that dress on House of Cards, too. (And lots of the rest of her clothes, too.)

    1. I love Claire soo much, she's soo stylish and poised. Everything she wear fits her to a T. There's a couple of more of her dress, I'd hope to recreate. Stay tuned, tomorrow I posting another project. Burdastyle.... Thanks for stopping by and commenting.. It means soo much to me..


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