Giving New Life to Old Luxury Bags

Hey everyone!! 
I'm back with another one for you. 
It's been a minute since I posted but better late than never.
I moved back to my hometown and in the mist of getting myself situated, I lost my Mo-Jo. 
She's back and I have so many projects to show you, we can create together and actually seeing me in the garments I've made. I'm so critical of myself that I freeze at the moment of pictures of myself in them. But hold on wait minute, I'll be 50 in October and I am a grown ass woman and I will not let my fear get the best of me and I'm Shining!!!

Her name is Lou-Mes....
She's a hybrid, of course. 
She's so petite and classic. 

I've always wanted a Hermes but who doesn't right. 
I just can't see myself paying $5000 and up for a purse. 

I keep all of my old and beat up purses because of it's hardware and fabric. 
Yes, I'm a hoarded like that. 
Don't Judge!!
 I wanted to test out an old Hermes pattern I downloaded online since the pandemic started. Using my sewing machine and 18/110 needles, she came to life.

Front view

Close up view

Old Purse

Pattern Used

More pictures

Cutting in to the fabric 

Adding interfacing 

Ironing interfacing and sewing pieces together

Cutting adding hardware

Adding lining to the purse

Adding straps to purse and yes, I know that you shouldn't put needles in leather.

What the lining looks like inside. 
Don't looked to close, LOL!! 

Putting top pieces together 

Adding D-rings to sides

Whole side view

Close up on handles

Back view of bag..

I smile every time I see her.

I hope you like my new creation. By the way, I also 
Until Next Time..



  1. Wait a minute! This is SO So cute! Have you seen where people take the HEREMEs and paint on them? This is giving me SO MANY ideas!!!Thank you.

    1. Yes! I have, now your giving me ideas as well... Thank u soo much for leaving a comment. Working something really special. It will be posted in April. Thanks again and come by anytime..


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