Hello Everyone!!!

It is me and I'm back again with another creation. These last 2 years have been crazy for me. I've separated from my husband and moved back to my hometown, New Orleans for a fresh start with the girls. But I've been looking back at all of my projects that I've done and some I've actually forgotten to post, like this beauty. I made her in August 2021. 

She's so nice, I have 2 more in the making. A really cool black and white stripe with green palms and a colorful Ikat.  

Ideas in my head. Start like this, 

Straps are from Amazon, but I don't recommend them.
They unravel in about a week of using them.

2 yards Fabric
1 yard of Interfacing
Keychain (optional) Amazon
1 ½ yards of ribbon 
(I chose 2 ribbons, 2 inches and 1 inch)

Putting the idea together without sewing.
Sorry about Aries, she's nosy like that. 
This picture was taken in June of 2021. 
I no longer have a desk or a cat. 
I moved back to my hometown. 
But I really miss her.

I went to YT University and found a pattern that I'd like and followed instructions. 

Cut everything out, front and lining fabric, 1 interfacing. 

Also, before I started to put the tote together, I add both stripes. 
Front and back.

Sewn in lining.

Sewed the tote together 

Added thicker lining to give tote structure

Also to the bottom

See structure.

Added handles

She's done!! 

My daughter loved it. 

I'll be making more this spring.
Thanks for stopping by my blog.



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