From the Beach to the City... Sewing! Tunic time...

Cynthia Rowley - Simplicity 2854..

Well this year my family and I are taking 2 trips in one... We going to the beach and back home to New Orleans (my hometown).. I want to make a couple of pieces that I can transition in both places.. Well I think I found something else.. I love tunics.... In blogs to come I will take pictures of tunics I've sewn through the years.  

Simplicity 2584 View B: 

This pattern was one of my first pattern that I purchased... years.. I was too scared to try the yoke (neckline), that I put it in the back of my patterns.. I went to Wal-Mart and purchased this Home Decor, Linen-like fabric..  I couldn't pass up $3 per yard, so I got 3 yards.

 Advice: Read your patterns and when you can't understand them. read them again.. I have a tendency to look and skim through patterns. This one had me praying.

Below: I love how it came out.. I know I'll be making a few more for the trip, some in contrasting colors... I can put flip flops on for the beach and wedges with it in New Orleans... 

It started out smooth. Only one thing, I hate cutting fabrics out. I know one thing, I need to invested in some weights.. But I digress... 

Sewing, sewing, sewing.....

First Problem!!!
The yoke isn't matching up with the neck.. Damn! (sorry)
I'm nerves got bad so I left it alone for the rest of the night... Telling myself, "now you need to cut another yoke out".. not in the mood.. 

Next morning, I decided to cut the yoke to match the neckline.. I know some people think it was an obvious thing to do. I'm a novice/intermediate sewer, I'm really teaching myself how to sew.. So work with me.. lol.

I came out great.... Next time I'm using contrasting fabrics.. I'm so proud of it but it just disappears into the whole dress but here's a closeup..


Pool Side and Beach Outfit...

New Orleans, Visiting friends and family.. 

Until next time.... Have a Fantastic Day!! 


  1. new follower from needles and fashion ….love this top. I have the pattern and I am scared of the yoke

    1. Embrace it... If you need any help let me know..

  2. Very Nice! Thank you for sharing. I am adding this one to my list! I am a novice sewer - I don't have a clue to what a 'yoke' is :)

    1. The neckline.. all those curves.. almost kicked my butt.. lol..


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