DIY "Starbucks Secret Menu" Cotton Candy Frappuccino

Make Your Own 
"Starbuck's Secret Menu"
Cotton Candy Frappuccino

My 6 year old daughter Nile was in my Sewing Room\ Office looking at YouTube and I happen to turn around and see a little girl sipping on what I thought was a Starbuck's pink latte'. 
I asked Nile, "Isn't she a little young for coffee?"
She said, "It's not coffee, it's a Cotton Candy Frappuccino."
Well, I go to Starbucks all the time and to my knowledge, it's not listed on the menu..
She then tells me it's on their "Secret Menu".. 

Secret Menu!

She then asks, "Mommy tomorrow when Baba (dad in Arab) goes Starbuck's can he get me one.."
Me, "OK! We'll see.."
 (That's code for me buying a little time to do some research) 
So I got on YouTube and started doing a little snooping then I came across alot of the DIY Cotton Candy Frappuccino videos.. 
Then I went to Wally-World a purchased all of the ingredients.. 

Looks so good and taste good too.. 

Ingredients :
3 scoops of "Vanilla Bean" Ice Cream
3 tablespoons of Raspberry Syrup or more to taste.
2 teaspoon of Vanilla
Whipped Cream 
Half cup Milk
4 ice cubes

Put all ingredients together in your blender..

Blend until all comes together.. 
Looks soo tasty.. 

My personal blender makes just enough for the girls ...

  Add Whipped Cream and Straw!


The girls love it and everytime the hubby see's me make it, he begs me to make him one..
 I hope you try it for you girls or for you family, they're really tasty..

Until Next Time..


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