Sunday's Dinner!!! Roasted Lemon, Garlic and Rosemary Chicken

Roasted Lemon,Garlic and Rosemary Chicken

Dinner was great tonight!! 
Usually when I make baked chicken the family likes it and we manage to have leftovers for the next day. This is my second time making the Roasted Chicken and I'll tell you this, the family eats every bit of it.. They enjoy it so much that it's gone in a night.. 

The recipe is from Divas Can Cook 
(recipe below) I also  love her YouTube Channel. 
The only thing I do different in recipe is baste the chicken twice instead of once and leave it in for another 15 minutes. It adds that extra crunch.. 

It was fantastic, I paired with my twice cooked potatoes and nice salad.. 
It was soo tasty.. 
Please looked up the recipe and enjoy..

Until Next Time...
Sew It Chic!!


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