Cynthia Rowley 2584 Modified for Maternity..

As you all know "I'm Expecting!"
So most of the sewing you'll be seeing for the rest of this year will be maternity wear.. 
I'm using alot of my patterns I already have but modifying to accommodate my growing belly.. 

 Here's one of my go-to patterns from Cynthia Rowley with her bad ass.. 
This isn't my first time making it, but first time with contrasting colors..

Here she is! 

Back View 
Sorry the picture is a little grainy.

I even made a fake belly, how cute...

To see the previous dress I made click link below to see:
Simplicity 2584 View B

Everything's all ready for me, So let's get started...
I purchased both fabrics from Walmart for $3.94 per yard.. 
The brown paper is the modify maternity pattern, I just added a couple of inches all the way around the dress.. 

Try your best to cut Yoke evenly, I didn't!
But who cares, sewing is about trial and error.
Nobody's Perfect..

Sew both Yokes together..

View of Yokes sewn together.

Turning it outside in..

Baste top of raw edge.

Pin top of Yoke to top of dress..

View of Yoke attached to dress..

Fuse interfacing, sew front and back facing together.

Finish edge of facing..

 View of finished edge of Facing..


Take a pen and trace Yoke, it will be easier to follow the line then winging it..

Now facing attached to dress..

See really easy to follow line..

As you can tell I messed up a little.. 

Turn everything inside out, iron and sewing yoke to dress.

Close up view of yoke attached to dress.

Shoulders were a little long because of modification, so I took it up about 4".
Perfect Fit..

Side view with Sleeves attached.. 

Closer View Her..

I really hope you like it.. I will be posting others later this week..

Until Next Time...


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