2 Week Meal Planning and Savings Process..#1

Hey Everyone!
Now days eggs are almost $3 a dozen and milk is also $3 a gallon.
I have a family of 4 and we live off of 1 income, so meal planning and saving money is a MUST for us. Below is how I meal plan and my process and tips you a your family can use.

Prior to me going to the store, I look in my cabinets and freezer to see what I have and can use. I also DVR cooking shows, Pinterest, look at magazines with recipes I'd look to try and for inspiration.

 Meal Plan for these 2 weeks.
(My Actual Meal Plan This Week)

Tuesday and Wednesday
Homemade Beef and Veggie Soup with Saltine Crackers


Thursday and Friday
Banh Mi Chicken Sandwich w/ Baked Potatoes


My Daughters Favorite
Buffalo Wings w/ Cucumber and Ranch/Blue Cheese Dressing..
These will be gone by Sunday lunch time

Sunday and Monday
Stir Fry Ginger Beef with Sugar Snap Peas w/ Basmati Rice and a Asian Salad.

Tuesday and Wednesday
Roasted Chicken with Green Beans and Roasted potatoes

Since I had chicken leftover from Tuesday and Wednesday's dinner.
I decided to pull the rest of the chicken off the bone a make a
BBQ Jalapeno Pizza on Thursday.

We decided to go out to eat..

Thursday and Friday
Broiled Fish with Lemon and Butter w/ Asparagus and Salad

               (This meal will be made on Sunday and Monday)                  

Turkey Tacos

Sunday and Monday
BBQ Chicken Thighs w/ Veggie Baked Beans and Rice
(This meal will be put on next 2 week menu..

I never ever go shopping without a List and a Budget.
I try my best spend $150 every 2 weeks.
I first go to Dollar Tree for more saving (also with a list) and then Walmart.

This week I spent $27.07 @ Dollar Tree.
(Picture Below)
I telling you all don't slip on the Dollar Tree, they carry alot of name brands.

 16 oz Seasoning Salt for $1.

I always get this Cobblestone bread of a $1.
I know the expiration date is near, just put it in the fridge or freezer and it last even longer.
This bread is delicious with my Cranberry and Cashew Chicken Salad.
I forgot I also get Cashews and Dried Cranberries for Dollar Tree.

My daughter loves her smoothies and Dollar Tree has frozen fruit that are amazing.
Strawberry,Peach, Mango, Blueberry and Pineapple most are 12 oz bags for $1.

I spent $121.27 @ Walmart, not bad because I caught some deals @ Dollar Tree.

When I shop, I'm armed with the sales paper (price matching) in which I've already circled all the deals and what I need, grocery list, and meal plan for the 2 weeks.

These potatoes were $4 for this 4 lbs bag.
Save A Lot had the same bag for $1.79.
$2 saving. 

Don't be afraid to be meat right before expiration date.
Take it a freeze until needed.
Almost a $2.50 saving.
I wanted Flank Steak but Beef Stir Fry will do just fine with my Ginger Beef.  

You guys probably don't see alot of meat that's because about 2 1/2 weeks ago.
My family and I went to WinCo, where we get most of our meat.
They sell meat in bulk for reasonable prices.
I bought 9 piece chicken breast for $8.
I bought Whole Chicken 6 lbs for $5.
Chicken Wings for $7.
5 lb Ground Turkey for $5.
I think 2 other things, I forgot but the total was $60.

I then come home and broke all of it down and put it in the freezer.
This will last my family of 4 about a month and half.
I don't buy meat at Walmart, but if I can catch a good deal on meat like the one above. 
By all means get it..

Again, don't be afraid to by baked bread too.
I usually bake my own but sometimes I may not be in the mood.
I just put these in the freezer until needed.
These will be great with my Banh Mi Chicken Sandwich.

Other Deals
Tomatoes $.69 a lbs. Walmart wanted $1.12 a lbs.
Asparagus $.98 ea. Walmart wanted $3.67 ea.
Cucumbers $.48 ea. Walmart wanted $.78 ea.
Strawberries $1.89 ea. Walmart wanted $2.89 ea.
Navels was 12 for $1, Walmart wanted $.69 ea.

This is exactly why I Price Match.
If I were to purchase the above items at Walmart for regular price it would total:
By Price Matching using the Sales Paper my total was:

A total saving of 
Amazing Savings!!!!! 

But this still doesn't include the bread, meat and potatoes savings. 

I could have bought a whole another meal and a half. 

Alot of people don't but buy Walmart bread, I do for $.88, Steal..

I love these wraps and use these alot for my daughter's school lunch.

Another Tip:
Don't slip on the store brand, most of the ingredients are the same.
I season it a little more or add a little something to it.

I should be the Ambassador for Great Value.
I've learn a long time ago that Name Brand doesn't always mean good.
Trust and Believe..

Last Deal
These chips were $5.50, Name Brand chips $7.
$1.50 saving!!

I was prepared to spend $150 all together and only spent $148.

Plan Meals
Buy Meat in Bulk
Sale Papers for Price Matching.
Stick to your list.
Look at what you have in your freezer or cabinets..
Dollar Tree is your friend.
Store Brand is just the same..

I hope you've enjoyed a journey in my mind on how I meal plan and keep my family of 4 fed on a budget with 1 income.

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Thanks again.

Until Next Time...


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