Polka Dot Short Suit.. Butterick 5469 and Simplicity 1887

Hey Everyone!
I'm back with another finished project.
I know some of you remember this fabric.
Last year, Wally World had tons of this in a whole lot of patterns and I made sure it get some yards, LOL!
Since the groundhog said that spring is near, I've decided to start doing a little finishing up on last year spring summer clothes I set aside. When I bought the fabric, I knew I didn't want to make a skirt. I really wanted to make statement with the polka dot, something uncommon. So I decided Jacket and Shorts would be the my answer. I knew if I did pants it would have be too much for me being that I'm 5'4 and a long sleeve jacket would make me look even bigger than I am..  

I recommend that everyone who is looking for a great pair of shorts to try these.
They're soo comfy and cute, I think I'm made about 4 pair of shorts in this pattern.

And We're Off!!

Shorts All Cut Out

Front and pocket sewn..

Inside of shorts and pocket view all sewn together..

Shorts all done, as you can see I added the black lining to break it up the polka dots.
Love the way it came out. 

Close View of Pocket.. 

I've also made this Jacket View A in a plaid without the pockets and recommend you try. 

Butterick 5469 View A

Jacket Cut Out
You don't see the black lining because I was going to use the polka dot as lining but the material was too thin, So back to Wally World to get some black lining fabric. 

View of the jacket being constructed.

View of pinned collar.

Bottom collar done. 
Lets keep the mismatch pattern between you and me. 
It's the bottom collar, no one will know.. 

Sewing the lining together.

Inside lining on the dress form.

All done after putting lining in jacket.

Jacket open and done with lining

We're done with and a look at both pieces together.. 

I hope you've enjoyed my pictorial and one day you'll see me in it.
One day I'll take pictures of my clothes that I've sewn but never wore.
That should be a treat..
Comment if you'd like me to do that.. 
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Until Next Time... 


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