Arm Knitting Pictorial

Hey Everyone!!
My baby girl always wanted me to teach her how to do it but I thought that she was little to young to do it. I was in Wally World 2 days ago and was the cutest multi-colored pink yard that I had to get for her. To my surprise, she's a NATURAL, YES NATURAL.
She took to it like a fish to water.

I following pictures are my scarves I've arm knitting years back and a couple I just did lately.


The one below was done about a year ago and I loved it soo much..

She's done in blue and gray and made very long. 
I was feeling myself LOL! 
Now ask me if I've ever worn her?
The answer is NO!
Don't ask my why.
I do that alot.. 

Her side view..

Below is a really good tutorial on YouTube..

The Crafty Gemini

The yarn I used was Super Bulky.
Wally World sales them for $2.97 and they're well worth it.

Me, Arm knitting my latest creation.

Picture of her all done..

Close up view

View of the underside. 


View of her in all of her glory..

This was my first scarf that I made.

 As you can tell she's a little misshaped but I still love her.

She still loves great, doesn't she?

You can wear her all ind of ways..

I love these colors together.

Beautiful Colors...

Soo Fun!!

This was a one strand I taught her to do.

Close view of the one strand..

As you can see Nile is a natural.
I taught her and it took only 5 minutes for her to get it.
I was soo amazed and easy it was for her.
It took me a minute to get it.

Soo Cute...

She was soo over me taking the pictures of her.
MOM!!!!!! STOP!!!!!

More of her creations..

I hope you've enjoyed this pictorial of my arm knitting a scarves.
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Until Next Time..


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