Ankara Pants- Simplicity 2562

Hey Everyone!
I'm back again this week with another blog post.
This time it's Ankara Pants!
Many of you remember me posting these pants on some of my Facebook Sewing Groups and now I've decided to do a blog about it. I made this pants in December 2014 or January 2015, this was before I knew I was excepting. After I received the news, I knew I had to put them away until after the baby. Well I didn't have the baby, but I did get a job. LOL! After getting this job, I knew I needed to start finishing my garments I've sewn, because I refuse to pay for anything I can make myself.

I know I need to make more Ankara pants, I've gotten so many compliments.
I've also gotten a lot of offers but I just don't like sewing for others, it's just extremely too much pressure.

I really took my time on these and wanted them to come out great and they did too.

Almost everyone knows that Simplicity 2562 is my go to pattern when I want a really nice
pair of trousers. I always use Average Cut, they just make you feel 10 feet tall.  

Everything's all cut out and ready to sew..

I never ever do Step 4, to me it makes your pants look too bulky in the front and it hard to sew..

I used a striped print for the pocket. 
I was afraid I may not have enough fabric, plus I wanted a little contrast.

View of pocket all attached and you all know the rest. 

Pant all sewn together but no zipper or hemming.
Aren't they Fabulous!!!

Zipper all done. 
One thing I've noticed about myself, I hate putting on the front lap of pants. 
I just like the exposed zipper in different colors. 
That's just me, please don't judge.. 

We're all finished!! 

Picture of me in the pants.
These pictures really don't do these pants justice.
They're so vibrant, fun and I felt so proud..

Another view of these..

Love that pattern matching!!!

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Feel Free!

Until Next Time...


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