Printed Knit Series...#2 The Printed Jumpsuit..

Hey Everyone!
I'm back with the second installment of the Printed Knit Series..
You all are going to have to forgive me. 
Last week, I was out of town for my oldest Wedding.
She made such a Beautiful Bride, I'll post some of those picture in another time. I was also to busy making her reception outfit, my jumpsuit and 2 pair of linen pants for my middle daughter and hubby to even think about my blog project.

After all of that I got back home and was in no mood to do anything, so I took a week of sewing off. 
But now I'm back and ready for the second installment of the Printed Knit Series.
At first, I was going to do all 3 dresses, but then I thought that maybe I could switch it up a little and try to make a jumpsuit. I only had 2 yards of fabric and a prayer, LOL.. 
It worked out wonderfully!

Should have taken a picture. I'll take a picture next time I wear it.
Close up view of her.

For the top of the Jumpsuit I used McCall's 6752.

As you can see below, I just traced a good fit pair of pants that I liked.
One good of advice about knit to me is, knits are forgiving. They stretch so you can cut a little to big or small because of the "stretchiness". So put prints in that equation an it's great of camouflaging about whole of imperfections. Not that I had any, LOL!

All cut out.

I had just enough of material to cut my top out..

I used McCall's 6752

I made a pocket by using the inside of my daughter's cutout heart, below this
picture. I just turned the heart upside down and cut 4 pieces out.

How the back of my daughter's reception jumpsuit was..
I'll post this another time. 

Now back to the knits.
Pockets are being measured and sewn on.

How it looks after pocket is sewn on

Sewn both pockets together. 

And there you have it.. 
It's soo easy a kid can do it..

Sewed the inside seam of the pants together.

Better view of the insides sewn together.

This is how it looks when sides are sewn together.

Good pair of knit pairs you have.. 
You can stop there if you like and add the elastic , but I went a little further..

The top came out really nice.. 

I sewed both pieces together. 

Both piece together

I also made a little sash to go around my waist..
Lawd, I need a new pair of scissors.

This is the jumpsuit without the elastic.

Back without elastic.

My finished product with elastic.
I know for a fact I'll be making a lot more of these.
In fact, I have one on as I'm typing this.
Jumpsuit are now my go to garments.

I hope you've enjoyed this Part #2 of my Printed Knit Series.
If there's any patterns or garments you like me to try to recreate or just ask a question.
Don't hesitant!

Until Next Time...


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