DIY Faux Leather Pouf

Hi Everyone!!
I'm back with a sewing project but something a little different.
  Home Decor DIY Project.
I've always loved poufs and was to afraid to attempt to try  to sew but one day last week I faced my fears and acomplished what I set out to do.

This year, I plan on facing my fears and doing something a little different with my blog.

Here she is..

I love poufs, something about a pouf makes just makes you want to sit and lounge, take off your shoes and get comfortable. My home is not pretentious nor stuffy, it's warm and inviting, lived in and loved. 

I found the pattern on YouTube.
The Sorry Girls Pouf, just type that and it'll pop up..

Items Needs:

Faux Leather
Bean Bag Filler
Thick Yard

I purchased this faux leather from Wally World, of course..
I think it was about $4 per yard..
I purchased a half yard.

Cut 10 pieces of of the pattern like below..

Another view of the pieces.

Sew all pieces together, long ways facing together. 
Like picture below...

On the outside.

When opened it looks like the picture below

This is a picture of 4 pieces sewn together..

On the inside of how it looks.

Another look on the inside..

This is a picture of all pieces sewn together.

Another view

Bottom of pouf

Inside of the pouf

You want to sew all the sides together, leaving only about a 16" open to turn pouf inside out.

How it looks when inside out.
Looking good..

With the rest of your fabric.
Trace a circle and cut 2 out of pattern, I used a plate.
I only used one because I loved how the top looked.

The bean bag filling was purchased from Wally World, of course.
$19 + tax

The bag is huge. You can make about 3 poufs using 1 bag.

When finished filling your pouf. Put the round circle on top and used thick thread and sew in a circle using thick stitches..

Like below. 

I loved how the top came out so I didn't sew the round on it..
Soo Pretty!!!

There you have it.. 
My first  Pouf..

Another View


Thuraya has been playing with it ever seen I put it on the floor.. 

I hope you like it!
I plan on making more one for every room in the house, lol..
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Until Next Time..


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