Easy Vogue Dress 8825

Hey Everyone!! 
I would love for you all to meet our new Fashion Director, Charlene.
Charlene has been with the company since 2011 and she has literally work herself up the ladder to Director. Her classic style and elegance will always stand the test of time. Y'all know I'm crazy and love naming some of my pieces when they speak to me. 

I'm here again with an Oldie but Greatie..
Vogue 8825 
It's she Fabulous!

You already know where I purchased the fabric from, Wally World.
My favorite place in the whole wide world, it's been about 5 months and I was holding on to it.

She's great of the office and even date night.
Not too sexy or conservative. 
Just Right.

I used half of the belt attached belt because the long belt would have made my mid-section a little to bulky..

Love it..

I cut a size 16, with no other adjustments. 

Here's another look.

Back View..

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